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IKEA: novelties of universal objects in the last catalog

Finally he got to us. This year, IKEA focused on the kitchen, family values ​​and deep principles of comfort. The serious psychological researches and their own team of designers helped in this Swedish manufacturer. The result, as always, is impressive

That's the very same day - IKEA brought a newCatalog in Russia. We have a small announcement about the European premiere, and here literally a couple of hours ago we received a fresh catalog for the domestic buyer. By the way, the venue on which the large-scale and as always spectacular presentation was held is the topic of a separate material.

At Zhitnyaya, 4 we can now with youReceive guests. The concept of the site instead of the cafeteria "New Ideas Is" makes it possible for absolutely anyone with their own set of products to rent (free of charge!) The kitchen from IKEA and hold an event for it to their taste - a noisy family dinner, birthday, informal informal dinner, romantic evening ... Yes anything!

The only thing that is required is to warnOrganizers of their arrival, "rent a room", in other words, well, bring with them the products from which you are going to cook. The rest is in abundance - furniture, household appliances, dishes, kitchen textiles, and all this is arranged and laid out in a corporate Scandinavian style. You will surely like it. We are so delighted!

As for the catalog itself, he, as always,Entertaining, attractive and democratic. Especially we were pleased with the boxes KNAGGLIG, the appearance of which we have been waiting for several seasons - simple plywood boxes "for vegetables" can be used as you like: as hanging shelves, bedside tables, prefabricated storage systems, etc. But about everything in order ... KNAGGLIG. Those same. The declared price is 699 rubles. MARYUD. Folding, compact and so convenient serving table that for sure it will be pleasant to have breakfast both on the balcony and under the apple tree in the country. 3 999 rubles. VORVIND. Vases - they are vases, only very touching. 249 rubles. SITTING. It would seem, well, how else in a new way can you make a stand under the hot ... It turned out, it is possible. 699 rubles. PAX UNDEDEDAL. But for a wardrobe to invent a bicycle is not necessary, enough style and solidity. 46 799 rubles. ELVESBINE. Find pearls among the huge collection of light IKEA - our little, but always welcome joy. 3 999 rubles. FRIJETHENE. The famous, large and very comfortable sofa bed from IKEA. Now three-seater. 19,999 rubles. MIKKE. A simple form, ultimate functionality and an abyss of ideas for self-decoration - an ideal workplace. 2 999 rubles. TISSEDAL. Almost a classic wardrobe for a girl's bedroom. In our opinion, it is ideal. 29 999 rubles. BRIMNES. Another woman's happiness - a dressing table with a storage system and a mirror. It is necessary to hide this very mirror - and before us the workplace. 5 999 rubles. ASKVOL. Just a bed. Stylish, white and minimalistic - everything we love. 9 999 rubles.