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5 bedroom decor options from the new Zara Home collection


Summer is not over yet, and Zara Home is alreadyReleased a new autumn-winter collection, which reflected all the current trends in modern design. We represent you five stylish bedrooms! To design a stylish bedroom in the new season, Zara Home designers suggest using floral patterns, animal images, classic and unobtrusive oriental ornaments. The color palette has to pacify and comfort. There are also muted shades of terracotta, ocher, copper and gold, and herbaceous green, and ash-pearl, and cobalt blue. So, today we present you 5 stylish and cozy bedrooms from the new collection of Zara Home.

1. Easy classics

Herbarium and New Vintage lines will allow youTo recreate the atmosphere of the relaxed luxury of an aristocratic chateau with light notes of chinoiser. Bedding, accessories and interior decorations are decorated with soft floral ornaments: on some - an easy patina patina, while others skillfully imitate antiques. Calm, slightly dusted colors of New Vintage are nicely accented by bright accents Herbarium: orange, fuchsia, lime and lemon-yellow.

2. For the strong in spirit

The Feathers and Horses line is more suitable forMen's bedroom. Included in her home furnishings and bedding designed in the best traditions of North America: rough wood, leather and fur, images of horses and horse ammunition (harnesses, horseshoes, stirrups), eagles and feathers.

3. Oriental Tales

Plunge into the mesmerizing atmosphere of the easternThe Urban Uzbek line will allow. Blue, purple and warm shades of brown, Suzani embroidery and lightweight fabrics ... Unobtrusive and refined, she combined classical motifs with traditional oriental patterns.

4. The luxury of being

Feel at the palace of Queen Victoria andTo feel all the charm of romanticism of the XIX century will help the Hotel and Victorian Revival lines. They are based on gray and white colors, refreshed by the unobtrusive brilliance of precious metals. Objects of the interior adorn complex monograms, ancient crosses and all sorts of vintage images, as if descended from the pages of old books and from the walls of castles.

5. The Joy of Childhood

Line Kids is sending us on a journey to the worldChildren's fantasies. One of the directions, Serendipity, is suitable for the design and room of the toddler, and the teenager's bedroom. The interior items are made in traditional country-style techniques. This is handmade multicolor embroidery, patchwork fabrics, wood carvings, a variegated cage and a strip. In such a room the child is waiting for comfort and comfort.