Japanese minimalism: asceticism, red cedar and cherry in the window -


Japan - a mystery country, which is only thereTV shows are standing. But, as it turned out, things are no less interesting with the interiors. In this completely self-contained house you will not find the usual things and you can hardly imagine how you can live in the environment of flat wooden surfaces. But there is something in this project. Understand what else ...

Japanese minimalism of the Russian wide soul is not enoughunderstandable. Well, can we imagine a cozy house without a soft chair, a sofa without pillows, a floor without a carpet? But the Japanese can not only imagine this, but even are able to order this kind of environment for their private homes.

Approximately this was a couple of middle-aged,turning to the Tokyo studio Atelier Kukka. The owners bought a small house, just 67 meters away, located in the dead end of one of the blocks, and, in fact, they wanted from their new home very little: a beautiful facade and several correctly arranged windows to comfortably observe the flowering of cherry trees on the street.

The facade of the architects was lined with red cedar andcut an exhaustive number of windows. The interior of the two-story house is an architectural composition of a huge number of planes perpendicular to each other. It is not so easy to get acquainted with the layout and understand the functional purpose of a particular zone, but, in our opinion, the main architects succeeded - the customers are satisfied.