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Wood in the interior: how to use the fashionable -


Wood in a modern interior is strikingdifferent from what our parents are used to seeing it. It looks less processed and more fantastic. For about 15 years no one could have imagined that a tree could be filled with liquid glass and get a stunning table. Read about new technologies for working with wood in our fresh material. Modern interiors are not necessarily modern materials, most often these are new ways of processing well-known and beloved stone, glass and wood. At times, these materials are used together and with the proper approach, the result is real masterpieces. Interior designer Ekaterina Semykina will tell us more about modern ways of working with wood and glass. Ekaterina Semykina, interior designer

Designer, art critic, graphic artist.

In 2007 she graduated from the Moscow State University of Culture and Arts, faculty of cultural studies, specialization - world art culture and art.

Since 2006 he has been engaged in interior design.

Ekaterina is involved in all stages of the project: starting from the planning decision, selection of furniture and finishing materials, working drawings for builders, 3D-visualization or conceptual sketches and ending with the author's supervision.

Works in all architectural and interior styles.

He always brings a touch of individuality of his customers to the interiors.

- I was inspired to create this materialstunning tables of the Italian company Lebric and participation in the exhibition Furnity market, held in mid-July in Artplay, where I got acquainted with the technology of production of these tables.

In nature there is not a single object or material,which would be absolutely similar. These tables are made of slab of natural wood, so uniqueness is their main feature. The minimum thickness of the slab, suitable for production, should be 4 cm. The main difficulty is only in choosing the type of wood, because each cut is beautiful in its own way.

The natural beauty of the tree makes manyproducers seek inspiration in the imperfect form of slab. The cut of the tree is polished, covered with oil or a thin layer of varnish to preserve the texture, and thus remains virtually untouched.

Use of liquid glass is anotheran interesting technology for the production of countertops, which allows you to combine several materials in a single composition and give it the correct geometric shape. In this case slabs are literally enclosed in a glass prisoner, but the effect is stunning!

Also with the help of liquid glass, you can slightly"Correct" the shape of the countertop. To give special strength it is better that the solution forms not only the missing segments, but also a thin layer that goes into the slab itself. In this case, the glass can be not only transparent, but also matte or with a colored pigment.

Use of tempered glass creates anotherinteresting effect. Initially, a pattern is drawn on the slab of the future glass, then a template is created and glass is made on the basis of the template. After that, the master tries on the finished glass, then he dries it and the glass is installed. However, it is worth remembering that glass, albeit salted, is a fragile material, in the process of operation it is not necessary to put hot dishes on it, knock on it and expose it to excessive mechanical influences.

The aesthetics of the tree inspires not onlymanufacture of tables and countertops. From wooden slabs, sliding partitions, doors, shelves, headboards of beds and even cut out shells and whole baths. Such works of art will become a bright accent of any interior in modern stylistics.