New Year's interior design: how to decorate a house


Before the main family holiday of the yearless than two months. About how to decorate the house for the New Year on the latest squeak of the interior fashion, we asked the designers. In our review - the best answers and tips To find out how to properly decorate the interior for the New Year holidays, following the current trends, we turned to the four fashionable Moscow designers for advice.

When to start?

Famous interior designer Olga Vallerecommends decorating the house as early as possible so that the pleasant feeling of waiting for the holiday is preserved as long as possible. Olga Valle, interior designer, psychologist: - I decorate the house in early December and enjoy the growing joy for a whole month!

Flower decoration

According to the designer of luxury interiors ElenaKrylova, who recently attended the largest exhibition Maison & Objet in France, flower arrangements from natural and artificial plants are in fashion. Elena Krylova, head of the vip design studio: - Flowers have long become a symbol of the freshness, comfort and warmth of our homes. Not a single table setting is complete without chic floral arrangements. Now these compositions can be made of both natural and artificial flowers. You can't even imagine how beautiful such compositions can be! If someone still considers them a symbol of bad taste, it's time to reconsider your point of view. Elena Krylova recommends flowers in huge flowerpots and small boutonnieres as a home decoration for the New Year, flowers in the interiors of bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens, flowers in table setting and in the form of individual compositions - all this looks as natural as possible, and thanks to new technologies to the touch, they practically do not differ from natural ones. On the eve of the holidays, flower arrangements with spruce branches will look especially harmonious.

More wood, less oil

Promoting the idea of ​​eco-style in the interior environment,Elena Krylova claims that the ecotrend is the main rule in the New Year's decor at home. Here, an abundance of decor items made from natural wood, recycled materials or in bio-themes can act as ecodesign elements. It is also important to pay attention to respect for natural spruce trees. For this, designers from all over the world offer their original finds in the form of imitation of green beauties made of fabric, old boards, cardboard and tinsel. All this not only gives the interior originality, but also preserves the trees. Elena Krylova, head of the VIP-design studio: - Steel structures decorated with balls and covered with LEDs are becoming one of the fashionable trends in this year's decor. The idea of ​​interior decoration using woodendesigner Elena Tikhonova also supports details, recalling that the coming 2015, the year of the Sheep (Goat), belongs precisely to the element of wood. Therefore, Elena recommends actively using handmade wooden jewelry. Elena Tikhonova, interior designer: - The simplest thing is to make ikebana from twigs. But in order for the decoration to look unusual, it is worth taking, for example, a piece of polystyrene, collecting twigs and herbs and making a fairy-tale character. Children will be happy to take part in such a decorative game! The designer recommends that the hostess be served snacks onNew Year's table directly on the spilled wood. Due to the fact that they can be made of different heights, they will look interesting and will allow more functional use of space on the table. Wood in combination with other natural materials creates not only an elegant appearance, but also has a wonderful smell, which also can not be forgotten on the eve of the holiday. Elena Tikhonova, interior designer:- If we weave a wreath from the branches, decorate it with cones, tangerines or oranges with inflorescences of dry carnations, then you can get not only an interesting decor for walls or a table, but also create a real smell of the New Year! Olga Valle also recommends not forgetting about the aromas of the house. Olga Valle, interior designer, psychologist: - Winter New Year scent of perfume for the home will complement the feeling of New Year's celebration. Orange, cinnamon, pine needles - these are the smells of the New Year, familiar from childhood. They will add joy and create a light wonderful mood.

Fairy tale in your house

Interior designer Natalya Korol reminds thatOne of the main trends in New Year's decor is the theme of the "fairy forest". Natalia recommends using a variety of "forest" attributes in the decor: twigs, sticks, cones, which can be folded into interesting ikebana, used as elements for setting a festive table or in the form of a variety of decorative compositions. There are also fabulous "forest dwellers": deer, bears, magical creatures and, as an integral part of the New Year's world, stars and snowflakes. They can be used both in the form of figurines or Christmas tree decorations, and on ornaments of decorative elements. Natalya Korol, interior designer: - The use of flickering light and shine gives the interior a special fabulousness: garlands, candles and glitter, Christmas tree decorations, decorative compositions.

New Year's Colors

Traditionally, the New Year is associated with three colors: green (the color of New Year's spruce), red (the color of Christmas toys, decorative ribbons and Santa Claus clothes) and, of course, white (the color of snow). However, according to designer Olga Valle, there are many more colors that create a New Year's mood. The psychologist for the first education, Olga Vallet assures that each color is an energy of a certain quality: yellow - brightness and joy, orange - strength and vigor, blue - serenity, blue - calmness, purple - spirituality and liberation. In any case, whatever the decor of your home,the main thing is to create it with the whole family, taking into account the advice of designers, fashion trends, your wishes and, of course, bringing a holiday mood and a touch of magic to the house! Photo: Irina Lopatkina, Svetlana Ignatenko