10 rules for creating an exclusive interior

Create a truly exclusive and expensivethe interior can be used without the use of gold everywhere. The main thing is to see the peculiarity of your house and competently beat it. How? Ask the professionals Each of us dreams about the author's interior, where we will be surrounded by beautiful things, quality materials and a unique style. In order for the interior to be stylistically designed, unique and tasteful, it is not necessary to decorate it with gold and inlaid details. Experienced designers of interiors Olga Valle, Natalia Guseva, Anastasia Kasparian and Elena Krylova will tell about how it is competent and interesting to make the interior of an apartment and a house elite. According to the designer Olga Valle, the project of eliteOf course, you need to start with a planning solution. And if we are talking about the VIP-interior, we first of all mean the scalability of space. Here you can not save on the squares and try to accommodate in one room a lot of functional areas. Expensive interior always means an abundance of light, air and space. The height of the ceilings in it is from 3 meters, and the height of the doors is not less than 2.75 meters. By the way, the doors in elite interiors are important. They cease to bear only a functional role and become real art objects. Doors in a classic or modern style, with glass ornaments, stained glass windows, wooden buisers, the addition of stone or fabric - all this gives the interior a special chic. Olga Valle, interior designer: - Creating the effect of an expensive interior, it is very important to pay attention to the details. For example, a high plinth immediately gives a greater visual status. And elegantly hidden radiators will not catch your eye, "cheapening" the interior. According to a member of the International Union of DesignersNatalia Guseva, in the elite design project, you always want to bring a special personality and uniqueness. An excellent solution are antiques, which enliven and make the interior exceptional. But an obligatory condition is to do it naturally, to harmoniously fit this detail into the project so that it does not fall out of the general concept. Natalia Guseva, architect: - For example, in the recent project of an apartment on the street. Timoshenko we successfully used antiques: a frame for a mirror and a picture with bronze figures in a dark wooden frame. Due to these accents, the interior turned out elegant and luxurious, not overloaded. Head of the architectural bureau "Golden heads"Anastasia Kasparian is sure that the best method for designing is to find the highlight of the interior, its originality and make it the main element of design. In some projects this is a picturesque view from the windows, in others - an original layout, in the third - the historical value of the place, and in some places - and the legend enveloping the house. And this work will not be quick and easy. Often, finding an individual characteristic of the house, you can face unforeseen difficulties. However, it will be worth it! Anastasia Kasparyan, architect: - In the process of implementing one of the recent projects, where one of the unusual solutions was the idea of ​​disclosing and demonstrating old wooden beams on the ceiling, we carried out serious work not only inside the apartment, but also partially replaced the communications in the public house riser and repair is done in the entrance. Besides this, Anastasia Kasparian applies the following principles of creating an elite interior:

  • the author's stucco decoration,
  • a combination of natural materials of different textures,
  • marble floors,
  • individual joiner's products.

All this completes the beautiful image of an exclusive interior. Designer of interiors Elena Krylova, who works withstellar customers, argues that the main principle of creating an elite project is the quality of the works performed, the naturalness of materials and, of course, the home museum-gallery. Elena Krylova, designer: - An excellent way to distinguish your house among others is to bring to the interior exclusive details: author's paintings, handmade carpets, unusual architectural compositions, as well as originals of great artists. But do not forget about the youth: a fine art object will be the painting of trendy young authors with their own style. Create a whole picture gallery in the house can only afford a man with the finest taste, who prefers a truly exclusive design. Summarizing the foregoing, it is worth saying thatthe effect of an expensive interior can be created without supernatural investment. Although it often happens on the contrary - one small unsuccessful detail can spoil the whole impression of the spectacular interior. So pay attention to a few important nuances, which the designer Olga Valle noted.

  • Increase your standards in planning decisions.
  • In such interiors you need to pay attention to a high-tech air conditioning and ventilation system.
  • We should not forget about the decorative design of doorways and arches.
  • Pay attention to the high skirting boards made of natural wood.
  • Radiators should be decorated, hidden or replaced by design models.
  • The use of decorative and accent lighting in niches, illumination of paintings, textured surfaces will give the interior a special chic.
  • Plan the layout of electrical and audio systems in advance. Drawing on the house wires can spoil any interior.
  • Use in the interior of art objects or specially designed decor elements, as well as art objects, author's paintings and antiques.
  • Be sure to use natural materials and fabrics in the interior. They not only look more expensive, but also are more qualitative, durable, reliable and safe in application.
  • Do not forget about "smart" systems. Exclusive design should also be high-tech in order to anticipate the wishes of its owner.