How to decorate the kitchen for the holidays and decorate the New Year's table

Festive kitchen decoration is rarely givenAttention. But it is here that the hostess of the house spends most of the last day of the year. We will tell you how to ensure a festive mood for a family chef by decorating the kitchen and the New Year's table. Most often, New Year's transformations affect only the interior of the living room, and the decor of the kitchen remains unchanged. However, on the last day of the outgoing year, all the main events take place in the kitchen, because the dishes for the main banquet are prepared there. Consequently, the elegant decoration of this room is no less, and perhaps more important for the formation of the festive mood of the inhabitants of the house than the thematic decor of the living room. Today we bring to your attention several bright ideas for New Year's kitchen decoration, as well as a series of useful tips for decorating a festive table. Our opinion: - It is worth noting that before proceeding with the festive decoration, it is necessary to put in perfect order in the kitchen, well, at least to remove all unnecessary items out of sight. Otherwise, you risk getting not a festive decor, but a festive mess, trying to place New Year's decorations between numerous items of kitchen utensils.

Ideas for New Year's Kitchen Decor

If the door of the refrigerator is bandaged with a wide ribbonand tie a beautiful bow, he will resemble a huge New Year's gift. This original decorative reception will begin the transformation of the kitchen and create a festive atmosphere in it. Coniferous garlands on cabinets If the kitchen furniture does not rest directly on the ceiling, lay beautiful coniferous garlands on the cabinets. This decor looks spectacular, and it certainly won't bother you. Extra decorative accessories in the kitchen will beonly to interfere, therefore it is necessary to turn ordinary household details into a New Year's decor. For example, you can replace old potholders, towels and tablecloths with new, themed festive patterns. The same applies to the dishes - not all, of course, but a few cups and plates with deer and snowshoeers in the household do not exactly interfere. And practical, and festive! Arrange small vases in different places withcurly New Year's cookies, gingerbread and striped candy canes. These charming compositions will simultaneously serve as a festive decor and a treat for your guests and household. Also try attaching ribbons to the sweets and hanging them on the cabinet handles - you'll love it! Our opinion: - Of course, the possible options for New Year's decor are not limited to those given above. However, the editors set a goal not to list all the existing design techniques, but to choose exactly those that really work in the interior of the kitchen. So, for example, traditional candles or garlands are absolutely useless in the decor of a room where dim light is unsafe. Scented oils and sachets are also useless during the pre-New Year period, as they will get lost in the variety of smells of cooking dishes. As for various decorative compositions, in the conditions of a standard small kitchen, they will simply interfere with culinary activities, every now and then come to hand.

Tips for decorating the New Year's table

The successful color palette of the decor is in itselfcan create a festive mood at the table. However, it is extremely important that all the details of the serving are carried out only in the right colors. We recommend that you choose one of the following combinations for the design of the New Year's table:

  • The combination of white, red and green. A classic variant based on associations with pine needles, snow, fire and, probably, the Santa Claus costume. A win-win option for creating a festive New Year's atmosphere.
  • White serving. The white table always looks especially solemn. He perfectly fits into any style of the interior. To ensure that all the details of the serving do not merge into a single white spot, it is recommended to use the widest variety of textures.
  • The combination of white and red. Effective serving based on the contrast of colors and all the same New Year's associations.
  • White with gold. How to celebrate the New Year, so you'll spend it. Therefore, to surround yourself with gold (or at least imitate gold) items will not hurt.
  • White with silver. One of the most refined and brilliant (literally) options for serving. White color is associated with snow, and silver - with its brilliance in the sun.

Only in one composition you can collectall symbols of New Year's holidays: coniferous branches, candles, Christmas balls, figurines of fairy-tale characters. Such a decorative reception looks very impressive and surprisingly affects the overall appearance of the serving, makes it truly festive. As original thematic rings fornapkins you can use ribbons, small Christmas toys, cones or needles. In addition, in online stores you can buy curly rings in the form of characters. Such a trifle will not only successfully complement the festive serving, but will show the guests that you have seriously approached the issue of decor. Chairs are also part of the New Year's banquetcomposition. Decorate their backs with ribbons, New Year balls or covers with a themed print, and your holiday table will look great not only near but also from the far end of the room.