New Year's Christmas toys: ideas from Russian craftsmen

New Year is the most family holiday of allExisting, therefore, decorations, in our opinion, should store the warmth of the hands of their creators. We shoveled the most authoritative resource of folk art - "Fair of Masters" - and found for you the most beautiful Christmas tree toys

On the eve of the New Year holidays, while you have not yet managed to buy all the essentials and a couple of extra things, we propose to immerse ourselves in the bewitching world of handicraft creativity.

In search of the most beautiful homemade toysthe editors turned to the portal "Fair of Masters" and disappeared there for several hours. I wanted to publish everything! However, we tried to limit ourselves to only 15 toys, which we invite you to take a look at. House-hut in folk style

This toy is made of a wooden blank and painted entirely by hand using the Gzhel technique - and not only. Articles on the topic New Year's patchwork ball "Poinsetia"

This bright, unusual ball is made in the Japanese technique "kimekomi" from American fabrics with gold plating. Christmas ball red-white

Here the main and most impressive detail is cross stitching. And its design, of course. Christmas ball with snowman and deer

This ball, made from tiny pieces of German cotton, makes you want to touch it. It couldn't be easier! Christmas balls

These balls are made by hand in the best New Year's traditions - in a white and red palette, with stars, snowflakes and ribbons. Medallions from the series "Alice in Wonderland"

This Christmas tree decoration with a "Through the Looking Glass" flavor is decorated using decoupage technique, with sparkles and a bow. Christmas chanterelle

This red chanterelle is not only a Christmas tree toy, but also a real activator of New Year's mood. It is actually a sachet with a cinnamon, clove and anise flavor. Horses

Ceramic horses are covered with glaze and give the most idyllic associations - childhood, tangerines, chocolates ... New Year's chic

This pair of balls is made using decoupage technique and decorated with ribbons, beads and lace. The box deserves special attention. She is gorgeous. Balloon golden red

This half-transparent ball hides in itself a real fairy tale about a little girl and ... Christmas decoration "Winter lace"

It is as if winter itself painted these balls in its frosty patterns. Pot-bellied icicle

This toy of unusual shape is hand-painted by a craftsman with acrylic waterproof paints. Christmas tree toy "Crown of the Russian Empire"

A beautiful Christmas tree toy with a slight taste of monarchy and nostalgia for the old days. Articles on the topic Christmas decorations

Your guests will be looking at such balls for a good half of the evening, in the second half you will tell where they found such beauty. New Year's ball "Traditional-1"

This New Year's ball is made of a ribbon ribbon in a technique with a strange name "artichoke". Beauty.