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Ricky Martin and his apartment in Manhattan


December 24th to hot Puerto Rican boyfriend RickyMartin turns 43. In honor of the singer's birthday, we have prepared for you a virtual sightseeing tour of his two Manhattan apartments. How many lucky people do you know who can boast of owning two luxury apartments in Manhattan at once? Today we will introduce you to one of them, although this person does not need a special introduction at all. Indeed, at one time this Puerto Rican handsome man did not leave TV screens, and his famous hit with the mysterious name Livin ’la Vida Loca (“ Live a crazy life ”) sounded literally from every speaker. It's about Ricky Martin. On December 24, the popular pop singer Ricky Martin turns 43. We wondered: is the life of a star still as crazy as it is sung in his most famous song? Apparently, the way it is. Isn't it crazy to have two luxurious apartments at once in the most exclusive area of ​​New York, which are located practically next door? Ricky Martin bought his first apartments back in 2007, when he was lonely and independent. An apartment with three bedrooms and three and a half bathrooms, furnished in a modern style, perfectly suited all the requirements of a bachelor. However, a year later he became the father of two charming twins, and, probably, expensive floors made of elite Austrian dark oak and snow-white furniture ceased to seem to the owner such a good design decision. Probably tired of being crowded with my two childrenon a modest 245 square meters, in 2012 Ricky Martin purchased another apartment in Manhattan. Their layout and interior are much more suitable for a caring dad. The singer's new apartment is 50 meters larger than the previous one, and also boasts an additional bedroom, a bathroom and a special playroom for kids. Multilevel ceilings reach 3.5 meters. Huge floor-to-ceiling windows fill the space with natural light. The free layout of the apartment leaves the owner with room for interior improvisation. For example, in a spacious hallway with windows, you can easily equip an office that Ricky Martin will probably need, who has already tried himself in the literary field as an author of children's stories. For the sake of justice it is worth noting that in thisThe first (bachelor) apartment of Ricky Martin in Manhattan is for sale. So if you have an extra 8.3 million dollars, you can try on the lifestyle of the famous pop artist.

Features of the Manhattan interior fashion on the example of apartments Ricky Martin:

  • Pay attention to the non-standard layoutThe first apartment of Ricky Martin: a small dining table is located in the corner between the hallway and kitchen. It would seem, why? But it was this cunning design move that made it possible to create in the singer's apartment a kind of buffer zone providing extra privacy (which is very important for a public person). Having seated unfamiliar or undesirable visitors for this table, the owner could simultaneously observe the rules of decency (not to keep guests in the corridor) and at the same time not to let them into the personal living space of his apartment.
  • The huge windows in the floor are typical for the ManhattanArchitecture. It is simply impossible not to stay at one of them with a cup of coffee or a book. Retro-couch in one of the bedrooms of the first apartment just has to such a pastime. This reception of the use of space at the window is quite applicable in our realities, if you turn a window sill into a couch using a comfortable mattress or a set of pillows.
  • In the second apartment of Ricky Martin is observedA large number of carpets with a short pile. Such a floor decor is an excellent compromise for a family in which there are young children. Carpet with a short nap not collect a lot of dust, as a fluffy counterparts, and at the same time a warm and pleasant to the touch, which is important for kids who like to spend a lot of time on the floor.
  • Marble is still considered one of the mostNoble finishing materials. However, many mistakenly believe that it is appropriate only in luxurious classical interiors. To inscribe marble in a modern design, you need to use competent color and geometric combinations. As an example, you can consider the floor in the kitchen of the second apartment of Ricky Martin: a combination of strict elegant rectangles of black and white.
  • Zoning is appropriate even in single-functionalPremises. For example, in the bedroom of Ricky Martin (second apartment), the wall behind the headboard is painted in light blue. This design move creates an emotionally allocated zone of comfortable sleep.