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Scandinavian interior in action: a lovely villa in retro style -


The Scandinavians are closer to us than it seems. For example, this villa in retro style is very suitable for our mid-range. For inspiration here is the abyss of ideas. We have already taken a couple dozen

The dachas of Swedish artists are something. Well, the hosts of this house are not exactly artists, but in their spare time the landlady draws. On two floors of this rural house there lives a young family with a three-year-old child and a dog.

In our opinion, such an interior can be safely considered a standard for all those who gravitate toward rustic style, rural life and country rest.

There are practically no new things here, and if there are,then they look like "old people". The hosts tried to keep the spirit of this house to the maximum and therefore did not change the finish, the new floor is just new.

This is Sweden and the curtains on the windows are rather nonsense, in this house there are none, but the curtain rods are left, the owners use them as decorations.

The decor itself is simple and intelligent: books, photographs and paintings are in every room. In some places, a piece of clothes in the style of a boho and musical instruments are used as decoration.

The brightest spot in this interior is the staircaseflight between the floors: a rich blue wall, green doors and wallpaper with floral ornament contrast with the rest of the white finish and create a feeling of playing in the landscape inside the house.

Bedroom with balcony thanks to a white background and abundanceSunlight creates an easy, almost weightless atmosphere of peace and tranquility. As a supporting shade, the hosts chose black. Here it is presented in details, which only emphasize the general mood.

Children, like all other rooms, is full ofItems with traces of past life, country-style textiles and just a couple of new gizmos. The wigwam and two poufs are a clear remake, however they are pretty organic.

The characteristic "organic" is peculiar to the interior in general. There are no "drop-out" details or questionable solutions. Filling your house with goods from flea markets, the owners were not mistaken even once.

In our opinion, absolute harmony was possibleto achieve primarily through the palette of natural shades of wood, earth, grass, snow and sky. Details, as in any interior, also played a role.

Clay vases, pots and jugs, baskets and poultrycages, homespun carpets and sea shells, suitcases, chests and, of course, a huge number of books tell each guest the rich history of this family. And let it be slightly exaggerated, does it matter if the viewer can not take his eyes off the next vase?

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