Vertical garden: ideas that inspire you -


There is not enough space on the windowsill? We have prepared several ideas for the most effective suspension of pots with flowers

Your creative botanical nature does not givepeace world glory of Semiramis? Grab your shovel urgently and organize your own hanging gardens. No, they, of course, will not glorify you, but this is the first step on the path to your own warm place in universal history. 1. Into the very heart

This sort of research is best left to the "hand"man in the house. Piercing a steel pin root system of your silent pets should one whom they see not so often, otherwise the stress will be unbearable, but you do not want to frighten your rhododendron with every watering? 2. The Prometheus system

Do you have an old shabby pallet? Fine, fasten the steel rings and boldly insert violets into them. 3. Only forward

This option is more suitable for plants,striving for world domination. So that the strawberry does not fill her arrows with everything, nail her to the pole, let her feel the air in search of a hard earth. 4. Elementary

The shelves on the wall are silly? By no means. This is a classic. And it is always popular. 5. "To the table"

Suspended at an angle of 45 degrees, the pots hint at submissiveness and willingness to serve. This kind of "garden" is better to organize in the summer kitchen from the collection of herbs. 6. The trick

And again you will have to plant a few pots on the stake, but the effect is worth it.