Apartments more than 90 sq.m.

Scandinavian interior in the walls of the former school -


Do you ever want to live in school? No way? In this interior, you probably would like to stay

The word "Lyceum" for the Russian ear sounds prettyInferno, but that's how Oscar Properties named its new project. Translated into Russian, this means "lyceum" and there is a rather serious reason for this.

The project is planned to be implemented on the territory belonging to the school for a long time. Whatever your expectations of an apartment in a former mathematics class, this interior will surely exceed all expectations.

The initial volume of the room had the mostBold inquiries. In the space with such high ceilings and huge windows it was possible to equip the second floor. Actually, this was done. True, only in the kitchen. The interior is decorated in a minimal Scandinavian style. Despite the rather meager amount of details used here, they are to the maximum.