This you have not seen: the 5 most unusual materials in the world

Have you ever seen a rug-chair orReflective concrete? And how do you like the idea of ​​wooden textiles? Today we will tell you about the 5 most unusual materials in the world. We decided to please you with another portion of cool pieces and made a short survey of the most interesting materials.

Glowing concrete

Opens our hit parade of GermanDevelopers - BlingCrete. It has all the properties of concrete, but it has one unique quality that is not inherent in concrete: it reflects light. This effect is provided by glass balls with a diameter of about 6 mm. This decorative element does not affect the quality of the finished concrete. It is reliable, strong, resistant to various factors. It is especially suitable for use in bus stations, bus stops, subways and along roads, in order to increase safety and reduce the number of accidents. And, of course, lovers can appreciate it to create unusual art objects!

Textiles from a tree

The second place we gave to the work of designer ElizaStrozik from Germany. She surprised all her teachers when she presented wooden textiles as a thesis. Yes, it's hard to believe, but the tablecloths, curtains, bedspreads and carpets she made from the fabric backbone and small pieces of wood that she found in one carpentry workshop. This opens up materials such as cloth and wood, from an unusual side. Flexible and pliable fabric and a solid and durable tree, combining with each other, create an amazing geometry that you can enjoy for hours.

Facade made of bioplastic

The world of building materials does not stand still. Proof of this is the innovative material ArboSkin from the German company Tecnaro. This bioplastics, which is 90% composed of biopolymers, and the rest is occupied by mineral substances that protect it from ultraviolet radiation. The material is made in the form of small plates, from which then it is possible to create facades of any shape and size. With all this, he is not afraid of fire, temperature changes and sunlight. To demonstrate ArboSkin in the case, its developers went beyond the usual presentation and built from bioplastic (from 388 triangular plates) a layout of the facade with an area of ​​145 square meters. M.


To what extent only modern designers do notThink of it! A few easy movements - and a cozy rug turns ... into a comfortable chair! The oddball thing Wool-Aluminum - the invention of Renata Vos from the Netherlands. She likes to make unusual objects of modern art from ordinary materials. Indeed, such a chair can safely claim the role of the main art object in the interior. It consists of aluminum rods, which are connected together by means of woolen threads, and can play the role of a bedside mat. Simple, original and homely cozy! Such a thing is clearly to the liking of a toddler.

Packing of mushrooms

Once a mushroom, two mushrooms - and a newBiodegradable packaging Mushroom Materials for transportation of all sorts of stuff. The world surprises us every day! Now they are growing boxes, containers, even chairs from mushrooms. The developers of this miracle material argue that they can even warm the walls. The idea to grow material from the mycelium of mushrooms belongs to specialists of the American company Ecovative Design. First, the mycelia is placed in special forms, and after they are completely filled with biomaterial, they are subjected to heat treatment. And voila: the new material is ready!