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Look at the ceiling: four decor ideas

We are used to white ceilings. But is this axiom? Our ideas will help to look at the ceiling from a different point of view, and at the same time and deal with the expansion of space

Extraordinary color

If we are to be original, then the easiest way isto achieve this is to make the ceiling bright and colorful. The editors met interiors with blue, light blue, crimson, green and even black ceilings. And they were all very memorable. And don't think that bright ceilings are awful. Far from it, because sometimes the ceiling height is excessive, and the ceiling has to be "lowered" to make it more cozy and comfortable. And here there is a little secret: to avoid the feeling of the ceiling falling on your head, you need to use a high ceiling cornice, which will optically "tear" the ceiling from the walls. However, even without a cornice, a bright ceiling can be very good. In truth, to highlight the ceiling as a design element, it is not at all necessary to use bright paint, it is enough to only slightly tint it. Light blue and greenish shades will visually raise the ceiling, while pink and yellow will create a pleasant and warm atmosphere in the interior.

Gold and silver

Another trend is silver and gold ceilings.Yes, they were popular in the 90s, and now designers are again turning to this type of ceiling decor. But, of course, not in the same palace form as it once was. Nowadays, a silver or gold ceiling may well be in a minimalist interior. Silvering and gilding are now most often done with the help of gold leaf (these are sheets of an alloy imitating silver or gold). Potal is convenient to work with both straight and curved surfaces. Victoria Lee, designer: "In support of the" golden theme "of the ceiling, I advise you to use other golden objects in the decor of the room as well: vases, doorknobs, and so on."

The tree is always in fashion

If you have a country house or an apartment with a veryhigh ceilings, it is worth taking a closer look at the woodwork. There are a lot of options here - from traditional classical caissons to decorating the ceiling with wooden (or tree-imitating) beams. And the most squeak is the parquet on the ceiling (as on the title page of the article).

Tent for romantics

For romantic natures, who read in childhoodfairy tales of Scheherazade, a tent-ceiling is suitable. If you have a mansard room, this decor will look very natural. But for direct ceilings, this is a very suitable option. A special cornice is laid along the perimeter, to which a cloth is attached, which then converges in the center of the ceiling. The "node" is masked by a chandelier.