The apartments are 45-90 sq.m.

Apartment in the attic: a cozy light lofter for a girl


The loft style is usually used in spaciouspremises. What does it look like in a small attic space? And can a masculine loft style have a feminine character? Today we decided to look into a very cozy and "feminine apartment", which is decorated in a style unusual for girls - a loft. It seemed to us very wintry, as warm and soft as a cashmere blanket. The author of this small area winter loft is blogger Melina Divani, owner and creator of her own design and interior website. She believes that all the rooms in the house are important, but prefers an open-plan kitchen. As, for example, in this cozy attic apartment. Melina Divani Interior design is her endless passion. She walks through life with eyes wide open and draws inspiration from everywhere. It can be nature, history, images, or people.

Juicy freshness: the territory of the girl

The first associative impression of the apartment -juicy berries on fresh shimmering snow. This picture arises thanks to the light gray palette, which serves as a background for bright colors. Metallic pieces of furniture add shine, and freshness penetrates through windows and glass partitions. It was extremely important to correctly distribute the flow of light so that it spreads to all corners. This technique allowed us to visually unite the space, make it more voluminous. It can be noted that a young girl settled in this apartment. And the plates tell us eloquently about this. They are in the living-dining room and in the kitchen. The girl is full of strength, energy, loves to read a lot and appreciates home comfort.

Cuisine: encourages action

The setting in the kitchen encourages creativity.It would be desirable to implement the most unusual recipes on it. Bright red stools have become the main characters here, they give an energy charge with their color, and colorful dishes complement the overall ensemble. Since the space is small, the bar panel takes up little space and it is easy to fit stools under it so as not to clutter up the passage. Gray on the wall adds depth to the space. It can be seen that a creative, thinking person lives here and she needs a positive attitude.

Echoes of the icy island

On closer inspection, you can seethat the girl's handbook is a big book about Greenland. Apparently, the icy area with snow-capped peaks, icebergs and northern lights served as the inspiration for this interior. If you draw a parallel between the landscapes of a cold country, you can imagine an ice island with a colorful glow that shimmers with all the colors of the rainbow. Our opinion: - By the way, if there is a need to change the picture, you just need to change the scenery. The interior is conceived in such a way that it is not difficult to change it.

Upper floor with inner balcony

There is a cozy bedroom on the upper There is not much space here, so an open balcony that unites the bedroom with the common space was a nice bonus. Skillfully crafted color scheme and bedside flowers contribute to a refreshing morning awakening. Our opinion: - We can see another book about photography in the bedroom. Perhaps a young girl travels and enjoys photographing beautiful places. It can be assumed that Greenland was on her travel list or will be the next destination. In any case, the mini-loft with a winter accent and feminine mood was a success!