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Architect Alexandra Fyodorova: the best portfolio projects

How to glorify the radio station by design, is it possibleorganize apartments for ponies and how modern villas should look from the architect's point of view with perfect taste - all of these questions are answered by our guest, Alexandra Fyodorova Segonya is a young architect with a unique experience in designing and building cottage settlements in mountainous areas. However, Alexander Fedorov became famous not by this.

the main thing

  • style - modern,
  • price list - medium in Moscow,
  • uniqueness is the result.

Alexandra Fedorova, architect Born in Moscow. From 2000 to 2004 she worked in the studio of UB design as a leading architect. In 2001-2004 he was the architect of GUP MIIP "Mosproekt 4". Since 2004, he has been managing the architectural bureau, which is engaged in the design of residential and public buildings. Works in the design of residential and public interior, has extensive experience in designing villas at sea.

Next office glass office

In 2006, Alexandra Fedorova carried outbold, very successful and promising idea of ​​a "glass studio", completely open to listeners, or rather, viewers. Henceforth, every visitor of the Novinsky passage can see the etheric "kitchen" in all its diversity. She turned the studio into a podium, raising it by 25 centimeters. And as a sound-reflector and workstation for the DJ and leading architects, the architect designed a closed low part of an artificial stone - Koriana. This object was awarded numerous prizes and prizes for unusual architecture and unique design.

Work style and team

There are six people in our office: Alexandra Fedorova, Sergey Kalyuta, Polina Fedorova, Irina Gubskaya, Julia Vasina and Anna Dubovitskaya. The basic principle of the work of our architectural bureau is to create architecture and interiors "out of time", that is, modern and relevant at any time - in 10, 20, 30 years. Not obsolete, and therefore forever valuable. Unlike most design studios, in all our works we apply an architectural approach, be it a building, interior or an object in the interior. We create a human habitat in the form of a volume-spatial composition, into which, as necessary, you can add accessories. The essence of space will not change. We always use an individual approach to everyone. And in the end it turns out exactly what you want and the customer and us. If you are close to our philosophy and aesthetics - we will be happy to work with you.

Alexandra Fedorova, architect


- - Alexandra, what style do you like most?Do you like to work? - - I prefer modern style. - What is the project you would like to highlight? - - There are three of them: a radio station behind glass, a settlement of 20 modern villas on the sea and private houses, which we are building at the moment. - What is the geography of your services? - - Basically - Russia and Europe, but soon we will get to the ocean, I hope. - Alexandra, what is the most difficult task ever faced by you? - - The most difficult task we have in every second project is when the wife wants one, and the husband is different, and we have to make sure that all three of us are well. - - Remember, please, an unusual case from your practice. - - The most unusual case is when the girl at the design of the house asked to make separate apartments for her pony ... - - Tell us about your experience designing houses on a complex terrain. How it all began? - - Generally design houses in complex terrain, especially at sea, where, as a rule, seismicity is from 7-9 points, it is considered a difficult task for the architect. But I'm just lucky in life. I always dreamed of designing chic villas overlooking the sea, which we see in magazines and books. And now the very first project of this kind has turned out again, as they say, in our style - off the bat. We got a project of the village in the Crimea, on the most complicated relief, on the territory of the reserve, among the centuries-old cedars and pines, and no trees were to suffer. In this complex terrain it was necessary to fit 20 different modern villas. You can say that it was a baptism of fire, after this project I was already not afraid of anything. By the way, the village was built and the houses all stand like a picture, it's a pity only that they did not let everyone look at everything in the end. But since then enough years have passed, and we have many more wonderful projects of houses on the sea and in the suburbs. I hope that in the near future several of them will be completed and we will be able to please the printed editions with beautiful photos.