Selective guide

Stretched ceiling: what to choose


At first glance, it seems that the usualstretch ceiling is a simple task. Meanwhile, this issue has its own subtleties and features. About them and talk Stretch ceilings will make any interior beautiful. They attract their affordable price, ease of installation, durability and safety. In addition, the technology of their manufacture allows you to put on their surface any pattern and work with color.

Looking for a white

Colored stretch ceilings make it possible to solvealmost any decorative task. However, practice shows that their key drawback is unpredictable "behavior". Two problems arise: either the color of the coating turns out to be much darker than planned, and creates a feeling of heaviness, or its shade does not coincide with the main palette of the interior. The main property of a colored glossy ceiling is its reflectivity. It also visually enlarges the space. The shade of the ceiling is always inhomogeneous: in the area of ​​the lamp it is lighter, and in the parts farther from it, it is darker. And the richer the glossy shade, the stronger these changes. So, dark chocolate in places of intense lighting can vary from umber and brown to light brown and khaki.

Another's mirror

The glossy surface of the ceiling is subject to the effect"Double dimming": distorted reflections of the floor, furniture and other interior items are superimposed on less illuminated areas of the surface, due to which the original tone becomes much darker. And too bright a floor or pieces of furniture, reflected on a glossy surface, are projected into incomprehensible blurred spots instead of the expected beautiful pattern and, moreover, reduce the area of ​​the room. The solution is simple: a white matte ceiling will save you from such problems. In addition, if the furnishings include at least one main element of a dark color, it is also better to make the ceiling matte.

Meter in the square

Stretch ceiling, especially glossy and colored,it is recommended to do only if the area of ​​the room exceeds 25 square meters. m. Otherwise, there will be a feeling that the ceiling is falling, and the space is compressed.