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How decor can help a child sleep better: secret techniques of design


Putting a child is not an easy thing to do: For many, this takes hours. So it's not so bad - the child can quickly fall asleep, and then often wake up and wake you up. Of course, not all problems lie in the field of design, but our advice will certainly help you to equip the kid's bedroom so that the child's sleep improves. Children can be different and fall asleep in different ways. Even more - the sleep and wakefulness of each baby varies depending on many different factors, from age to environment. And at any time, mom can face the fact that putting a child to bed is a real problem. In this article, we have collected several ideas for decorating children's rooms that will help your baby fall asleep and see sweet dreams.

My Light

At about 3-4 years old babies suddenly become afraidOf darkness. They refuse to fall asleep without light (although, in time, it passes). Create a child all the conditions for a quiet sleep: one needs a large lamp with a relatively bright light, others like small figure-lamps or lamps that shimmy next to the bed - especially kids like lamps in the form of favorite characters. You can also purchase a special projector for the kid: if you include this unusual night light, the sky will appear on the ceiling.

Sleepy Kingdom

Little girls still believe in fairy tales.Not a single "sleeping beauty" will refuse a bed with a translucent canopy. Moreover, all children love to create a protective space around them: a canopy or light curtains will give a sense of security. And the process of falling asleep will definitely accelerate. If you are categorically against the "dust collectors in the bedroom", hang a canopy at least in the summer - among other things, it perfectly saves from annoying insects on hot nights. Tip: There should be a lot of textiles in the room of a princess or little prince. Pillows and soft sides of the bed are needed not only for decoration. Children often turn around in their sleep, and soft textiles, sides and pillows help to avoid bruises from collisions with the wall or headboard. And the child will sleep better.

Closer to nature

Interiors made of eco-friendly andNatural materials are always very popular. They not only help to avoid allergies in the child, but also will allow them to invent, live and dream in the beautiful fictional world of their favorite characters - to be in a fairy forest, a pirate ship or among Indians.

Come on, Captain!

Sea theme for children is not less popular. In this design there is everything that is necessary for good health and bright dreams: space, light, air, quiet colors and unusual decor elements. On the ceiling and walls you can hang glowing in the dark stars or figurines of marine inhabitants, laying the baby under their soft flicker. To decorate and add souvenirs brought from the holidays: shells, beautiful stones - about each of these items, parents can tell a fairy tale before going to bed. The aquarium with fish suitable for the sea theme in the nursery will help moisten the air (which is important for a sound sleep), calm down, looking at the quietly floating fish. Sea theme can be developed in textiles and lighting fixtures: chandeliers and sconces in the form of wooden handwheels or sea shells will fit.