How to visually enlarge a room using mirrors: 15 vivid examples -


The lack of square meters is not so much an inconvenience as an opportunity to show one's own creative abilities, for example, by correctly placing mirrors in the house

The mirror was and remains one of the mostMystical interior items. There are many signs and beliefs of varying degrees of adequacy associated with it. However, there are also quite practical tips on the use of mirror surfaces in the interior. We will concentrate on them today.

A large mirror enclosed in an old windowFrame, will create the impression of going into another room, thus adding depth to the surrounding space. The key point in this case is to achieve the style correspondence of the mirror "opening" to the rest of the interior.

Several mirrors of the correct form in simple minimalist frames that occupy most of the wall will look especially relevant in the dining areas.

A more stylish version of the same method is long horizontal mirrors in thin frames.

"Split" the walls in a small bedroom will help the vertical mirrors, placed on both sides of the bed.

Stylish and very unusual reception - a huge round mirror, located in the corner of the room with a complete lack of wall decoration. A slight hint at the home of the hobbit is considered a bonus.

In a tiny hallway, a large mirror, clad in a wide frame in the tone of the floor, will create a sense of passage into the additional room. Visually increasing the hallway.

Stylish and at the same time an easy solution - "sew" one of the walls with patinated mirror panels.

If in a small living room there is a fireplace with a chimney, the walls on either side of it can be safely dressed in mirrors, the living room in this situation will visually increase at least twice.

Do not forget about the sliding-door wardrobes with mirrored sliding doors, they also perfectly cope with the function of space expansion.

Double effect - expansion and decoration - gives a "curved" mirror.

In this example, the segmented mirror surface is consistent with the floorboard, linking the interior together, while increasing its volume.

The mirror in front of the window is not a bad sign at all, but an excellent expanding and enlarging natural lighting reception.

Another spectacular expanding reception is the mirror opposite the accent wall. This creates a complete illusion of the window.

Mirror window is best to be installed opposite the dining table. And do not listen to superstitious personalities! A window on the street? Why not? The small courtyard needs additional space as desperately as the living room.