The apartments are 45-90 sq.m.

Apartment in the south-west of Moscow: minimalism with a Nordic character -


Maybe you want to place your apartment instyle minimalism? Or just still can not decide on the future interior of your home? It does not matter. In any case, you should look at the apartment in the south-east of the capital, made by talented Russian designers. First of all, we want to clarify that the customer was a young man who leads an active lifestyle. He wanted an open plan apartment with a separate sleeping area and a full living room. For the implementation of the project took the architects Pavel and Svetlana Alekseeva. What happened, read below. Pavel and Svetlana Alekseevs Pavel Alekseev andSvetlana Alekseeva - designers and decorators, received higher education in construction at KGASU. They are participants and finalists of the PinWin7 and PinWin8 and ADD AWARDS2015 contests. Life credo: the best design is harmonious design. The apartment is made in a light color palette. This makes the rooms look spacious. As coloristic accents, the architects decided to use graphics in the rooms, coal-black tiles in the bathroom and a slate-black ceiling in the corridor. Most of the furniture is made to order: a sofa in the living room, a bed, a soft mini-sofa on the balcony. The TV viewing area and all furniture are also made by private furniture manufacturers. As for the kitchen, it was ordered from privatemasters. The walls and ceiling, in turn, were painted by hand. They are the most common wooden slats, shot to the plywood and painted in natural wood. The geometric pattern from the rods looks very impressive and modern. Lighting and furniture:

  • ceiling lights - CUBO;
  • chairs in the kitchen - Poltrona Frau;
  • doors - Sofia smart.


  • sink - Jacob Delafon Reve;
  • toilet bowl - Jacob Delafon Escale.

The approximate budget of the entire renovation with furniture is 2 000 000 rubles. Project Plans