Bedroom plus living room: options for separation

The space of a one-room apartment is not easyorganize so that people living in it were comfortable. Often becomes necessary in a single room. When designing the design of this room it is planned that it will be divided into two parts - a living room (common) and a bedroom (intimate). Bedroom with living roomIf you combine a bedroom and a living room in one room, then it is desirable to zonate it.

Advantages of the bedroom-living room

These include the presence of an openspace and unhindered in the selection of furniture and decoration. Another plus is a comfortable environment for a person. At first he does not notice the limited space, but after a while it starts to unsettle and press on the psyche. For this reason, it is recommended to make your housing more free and open. Back to contents</a>

Bedroom-living room separation options

The zoning of the premises can be performed usingcurtains. In the decoration of this room it is planned to equip two zones, experts advise the bedroom to be arranged at the window. So it will be easier to air, but from the point of view of psychology, a person feels much more comfortable near the window than in a dark corner. Another recommendation: the location of the bedroom should be at a sufficient distance from the entrance. To do this, you can use partitions to partition the zones. Many people follow the standard version: they put a folding sofa in the room, which turns into a bed at night. So from the living room you get a bedroom. It's just however, every day to fold and lay out the sofa is boring, so there are others. There are the main ways of partition in the bedroom-living room: Zoning of the room can be done with a partition.

  • Application of rack-shelving. Its use increases the functionality of the room, the shelves create an excellent decorative interior and leave a visually open space. To ensure that the room does not look cluttered, it is best to put light racks with transparent shelves.
  • Door-partition. Now it is released more convenient than before. It is best to put interior doors-compartments. During the day they can be moved to the wall, and at any time they are able to protect from unnecessary views.
  • Modified furniture. It is presented in the form of a complex combination of several blocks that move around the room without difficulty. If necessary, they can be turned into a bed, a sofa or a closet.
  • You can use the back of the bed. It is made of different styles from a metal pipe or wooden lattice.
  • Place the bed next to the window and installseptum. Sleeping bed, if desired, close the curtains. An intimate atmosphere will help create an establishment over the sleeping place of a suspended ceiling from plasterboard.
  • Experts advise for convenience to keepapproach to the bed from at least two sides. In a small room it is best to use the opposite color palette or play with light. An example is the underlining of a sleeping place with the help of spotlights located on the ceiling. In the event that in parallel to make intensive general lighting in the living room above the coffee table, immediately there will be a feeling of an obvious division of the room. Disconnecting the bedroom and living room will also help:

    • different finishing of the floor covering and walls in different areas of the room;
    • podium organization for the bed.

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    How to save square meters

    When you design a bedroom and a living room in a small room, there is the question of saving space. The following will help in this:

    • refusal of large-sized furniture;
    • placing the TV on the wall for viewing from the bedroom and the living room is not bad if a swivel bracket is used for this;
    • storage of things on mezzanines, shelves, shelves;
    • the purchase of a bed with linen drawers.

    Following these simple and low-cost offers, you can create an excellent bedroom and living room furniture in one room.