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Update the interior without starting a large-scaleRepair, it's not so difficult, if you know what to look for. Do you think success depends on investing time and money? In our article - quick, simple and cheap solutions for the transformation of the house. Especially this problem is relevant in rented apartments - years of use do not benefit the interior, but global changes are economically unprofitable. Refine the design of rooms can be quite simple, changing a few details. It will take only a couple of days, but the effect will be - as from the repair.

1. Bedroom: spectacular headboard and bright bed decoration

The bed is the biggest thing in a smallBedroom and attracts maximum attention. Its replacement will not cost too much, but the update of the headboard and the acquisition of an effective coverlet is much more affordable. The elegant design of the bed gives a combination of textures and drawings. Add a few pillows of different shapes with different patterns and a cozy veil.

2. Living room: add spaces

Even in a small living room, you can visuallyadd spaces with design tricks. For example, hang the curtain bar not directly above the window, but higher - the window will appear larger. If possible, give preference not to wallpaper, but to paint, which can be easily renewed if you get tired of the color. And do not forget about the decor of the sofa with pillows and according to all the rules. Our opinion: - Textile interior design is a versatile way to breathe new life into a room. Even if you don't change anything else, buy some brightly colored throw pillows, a cozy blanket, and replace neutral curtains with ones you can't get enough of. The house will instantly transform.

3. Dining area: round table and bench

The round table will take up less space thantraditional rectangular. It is also easier to move around it. You can always add additional seating space, especially if there are not scattered chairs around, but a bench, a corner sofa or a bench - it is much more roomy than you think.

4. Decor: combine the new and the old

You don't have to get rid of olddecorative elements, but it is worth diluting them with new ones. The bright color of the walls, carpet on the floor, paintings, mirrors and additional light sources can completely change the space. Do not forget about the magical power of living plants - they literally transform the room, reminding you of the freshness of a summer garden at any time of the year. Our opinion: - They say that a good carpet can unite all the decor in the interior into a single image. And also - to highlight a specific area in the room, make the house cozier, warmer and help with sound insulation. Choose bright colors, interesting patterns and medium pile for easier maintenance.