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How to turn an old sweater into a stylish lamp. Master Class

We continue to give our readersanti-crisis advice on budgetary decor. Today's master class will teach you how to make a stylish hanging lamp from an old sweater. Dreaming of a stylish hanging lamp, but prices in shops bite? And the New Year holidays probably hit the budget. So, it's time for non-standard solutions! Almost in every closet you can find an old, worn-out sweater, which is embarrassing to put on, and it's a shame to throw it away. Its time has come! You, probably, are perplexed: how exactly will this unattractive piece of clothing help you become a happy owner of a new lamp? Now tell. In addition to the sweater you will need:

  • sharp scissors,
  • round wooden hoop - in our example 22 cm (2 pieces) and 15 cm in diameter,
  • cord-suspension for the lamp,
  • adhesive for fabric,
  • plastic cup, you can use the packaging from under the instant noodles, as in our example,
  • a set of office binders.

As for sweaters, if possiblechoose, it is better to use a model with wide sleeves and a bright geometric print. Berries, flowers or deer will look less effective. If the sweater is fuzzy, it is recommended to shave it first with a razor to remove the pellets. Let's get to work. Turn the sweater inside out. Cut one of the sleeves. Cut as close to the line as possible. Put the sweater aside, and then cut off the cut off sleeve, face outward. Insert a larger diameter ring into the widehole of a sleeve (shoulder). Note that use only the inner rings of the wooden hoop. Push it closer to the middle of the sleeve. Then insert another large ring and also push it inside the sleeve (not far). Now insert a smaller diameter ring into the sleeve. It must be pierced through the already existing two rings and placed above them. If the rings do not stay inside the sleeve or, conversely, the fabric looks too taut, you need to either pick up the hoop of another diameter, or use a sleeve from another sweater (of a different width). Cut off excess fabric from the bottom, leaving only two centimeters for the doorway. Apply the glue to the inner side of the lower ring and press the cloth against it. Secure with clamps and leave to dry. While the glue dries, make a holder for the suspension. With a sharp knife or scissors, cut the bottom of the plastic cup. Then make a hole in it for the cord (in the middle). Insert the suspension cord into the hole. Apply glue to the outer edges of the holder and insert it into the sleeve (cuff side). Wait until the glue dries. Select the appropriate light bulb for your newa lamp, or rather a few. Then you can change the mood of lighting depending on the situation. Hang the lamp, turn it on and enjoy the fruits of your creativity. And for money not spent to buy a lamp, you can buy yourself a gift, for example, a new sweater! instructables.com