Good night, sweet dreams!

To sleep a person takes about a third of hisLife. And to spend this third is necessary so that to feel rested, happy, full of strength, vigor and creative ideas A comfortable bed is the basis for a good sleep. But no less important is what surrounds her. This is the interior of the bedroom in general, and many small, but important details in particular. So, let's start with the style of decorating the room, where you spend 6-8 hours a day every day. The general recommendation is to choose a reasonable "golden mean" between fashionable trends and calm, soft interiors. You can please the eye with a bright element in the design of the bedroom and mute its screaming brightness with the diffused light of a floor lamp or a wall sconce. You can paste fancy wallpapers and neutralize the excitement they produce with the calm tones of all objects in the bedroom.

Soft colors - stronger sleep

Choosing a design for your future bedroom, rememberRule: this room is intended for rest, relaxation, getting rid of negativity, stress relief and stress. Do not exacerbate the bad mood or sadness of the "acidic" cushions, the irregular geometry of the bed or the light of the soffits under the ceiling. Psychologists suggest that a sharp change in the usual color scheme in the bedroom can cause at least anxiety, and even a stressful reaction. For example, if you are accustomed to contemplate bright green bedspreads and pillows in the bedroom, replacing them with yellow or blue can deprive you of sleep. However, it is better to initially adhere to quiet halftones, which will not stop you from relaxing and basking, plunging into pleasant thoughts and dreams. The bedroom looks great wooden floors, natural soft carpets, light walls and discreet accessories. It is not recommended to make stucco molding in this room, unless, of course, the size of the bedroom is comparable with the chambers of the royal palaces.

Dreamy dreams

Another fashion trend is the design of bedrooms,Which works to improve sleep and relax the nervous system, is the painting of walls. For children, the ideal option is a drawing with characters of fairy tales, for adults it can be sea motifs, forest clearings, floral ornaments. However, for aesthetes there is nothing impossible: on the wall can appear even a portrait of a beloved girl or an image of the whole family against a backdrop of mountain peaks or watery surface. If you do not want or can not use the services of an artist, buy wallpapers by selecting a picture that will please you no less than the wall painting. Add this visual minimalism can be various items of interior from rattan, bamboo or straw.

Where to put the bed?

The location, shape and finish of the bed alsoImportant for a restful sleep. Many designers claim that there is no better option than a wide bed on a low podium. Implement this idea can be in the bedroom, the size of which exceeds the standard minimum of outgoing, but still existing Khrushchev. Defining the place of the future bed, decide what style of bed you prefer: topical in recent seasons dark wood (walnut, wenge, Teak, Zebrano) or minimalism - a bed made of inexpensive materials in a strict form. In the first case, the interior is logical to decorate in light colors, using linen fabrics and woven rugs. In the second you can do without even curtains, confining yourself to a simple coverlet, the pattern or color of which will be the brightest spot in your ascetic bedroom. Still need to pay attention to the head of the bed,Which, according to the philosophy of feng shui, symbolizes the protection of a sleeping person from external adverse factors. This role is performed by the back of the bed. The higher it is, the stronger the sleep and the stronger the positive energy of the house - so believe the adherents of this philosophy. To make a back it is possible simple wooden cloth, fabric upholstery, a skin, artificial materials or even metal elements. If in your bedroom a pleasant, relaxing environment, and your sleep is strong and refreshes you, then you have correctly designed your interior.