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Hot nature: features of plates and dishwashers

Modern cuisine can not be imagined withoutHousehold appliances, in particular without a stove and a dishwasher. If the choice of the first is simple, then the purchase of a dishwasher is sometimes questioned: is it necessary?

All plates are different

Concerning a plate the question arises only one: Which one to prefer? Electric, gas or combined, where the burners operate from gas, and the oven - electric? When choosing, it should be remembered that the gas stove is the most economical, the electric stove is the safest and most versatile, and the combined one combines the advantages of both. Often in shops you can buy a slab in parts: separately - the oven, separately - the hob, which allows you to choose the preferred equipment or even install the device in different parts of the kitchen, if required by design.

Take care of your hands - wash the dishes in the car

At first glance, the dishwasher is notIn the kitchen is a matter of prime necessity. One or two plates can also be washed in the sink. But after the holiday and the reception of guests a rare hostess will not regret that she does not have this unit, or will not be glad that he already has it. By the way, statistics assures: washing dishes by hand takes approximately 200 hours of life each year! A dishwasher saves time mistress. At the same time, she washes dishes at a temperature of up to 90 ° C (a person can not do this at temperatures above 40 ° C) and is able to vary the water temperature from 45 ° C to 90 ° C - it is only necessary to set the desired program (in modern models The number reaches 10). In addition, the dishwasher can beThe time when the cost of electricity and water is much lower (subject to a two-rate meter). It is enough to select the "Delayed Start" program and set the required operating time. Well, if when washing the dishes hands mistress wears latex gloves: it protects the hands skin from irritating chemicals. In the dishwasher, special tablets are used, which contain several substances: detergents, for shine and for softening water. And at last imagine: The dishwasher will save you from the dubious pleasure of cleaning a greasy cast-iron frying pan or a pan with burnt food; In it there are different washing modes for different types of dishes. The machine washes the dishes cleaner than the human hands, and it dries it. And the water saving for a family of 4 people reaches 10 thousand liters per year!