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Bathroom Decor: 10 spectacular ideas


In the bathroom you need to saveMaximum functionality and to use more often a small space. At the same time I want to not forget about the interior! We offer you 10 useful and effective ideas for decorating a bathroom. Our day begins and ends in the bathroom - this is a place where we not only spend a lot of time, but every time we prepare for a new day. Make the bathroom not only comfortable, but also beautiful - the task is not simple, but feasible. Especially for you we have collected interesting tips and solutions, from the simplest to the more complex ones, so that the bathroom always cheers the eye and lifts the mood.

Original sink

An interesting sink design is the most obviousa way to make your bathroom interior stylish and cozy. When choosing a sink, try to move away from the template and look for unusual options. It can be either round, resembling a bowl, or square, strict, geometric shape. Think also about non-standard solutions in the choice of material - this does not have to be the usual ceramics, no less practical are metal sinks for high-tech interiors and even crystal for art deco style. A lot also depends on the placement of the sink - it can be built into a marble countertop or, for example, put on a wooden cabinet with drawers and niches.


With the help of mirrors, any, even the most modestSpace can shine in a new light even without major repairs. We offer a few simple solutions: hang two mirrors at the same time on the sink, or, conversely, select two mirrors of different sizes. This, by the way, is very convenient, if the bathroom is used by two people at the same time. Much depends on the frame - the tree will give comfort and a sense of closeness to nature, and the mirror mosaic will look elegant and will give beautiful glare when the lamps are on.


Often we pay too little attention toLighting in the bathroom. As a rule, only one boring bubble is used as a light source or, at best, several standard lamps in the ceiling. In fact, with lighting in the bathroom you can play, as in other rooms of the apartment or house. If space allows, then the interior can even "fit" a crystal chandelier! And the fans of minimalism are advised to pay attention to the hanging ceiling-cylinders, which are most conveniently placed next to the mirror. Our opinion: - The muted light in the bathroom looks great only on the photo, in practice it's better to make the lighting quite bright, otherwise the mirror will simply lose its meaning. But the ideal option is a switch-dimmer, which regulates the intensity of light. So you can also take a bath with minimal light, and make the light brighter when you need to apply makeup in front of the mirror.

Holders for towels

Another simple and economically not expensiveWay - to think about the arrangement of towels and the design of the holders. Agree, the usual hooks are already boring! Towels can be placed in a narrow open rack, which is able to fit in even the smallest bathroom. Or to equip special hanging baskets in which it is possible to store and other necessary things. But if you want to optimize the space as much as possible, you can even make hooks original - for example, place them on a wooden panel resembling an entrance hall.

Bright tiles

When planning repairs in the bathroom, take into account what exactlyTiles will create the basis for your interior. To make the space bright and cheerful, choose the appropriate materials. Now in the fashion ornaments and patterns, as well as tiles, like a mosaic and tiles. It will look great tiles of a small size, and do not be afraid of bold color solutions. After all, the bathroom is the first room in the house, from which our day begins, and it just has to raise the mood! Our opinion: - Someone the option of bright tiles on the walls may seem too radical reception. If you are afraid that the pattern will quickly get bored, put an emphasis on the floor. Here you can definitely give vent to the imagination - the combination of monotonous walls and the floor with the ornament in the bathroom looks fresh and at the same time will not "cut" the eyes.

Shower cabin

If you decide to replace the bath with a shower,Then approach the process creatively. Instead of installing a standard cabin, save space by fencing off the shower with glass from floor to ceiling, as in the photo. Such a decision will make the bathroom visually more. The glass can also be replaced with swinging doors, and the wooden beams on the floor over the tile - it is more pleasant and warm to stand on them.


The niche is not only a stylish element of decor, but alsoThe ability to maximize the use of storage space. Make small niches in the wall and select them with a tile of a different color. Niches are also very functional inside the shower cubicle - they can be made from the same tiles as the walls, and inside them it is convenient to store makeup for the shower. Even if the walls in your bathroom are not too wide, the niche can be made shallow, it will still become a noticeable accent in the interior.


Different flower pots are able to transformThe look of your bathroom. It is only necessary to add a little greenery to the interior, as it will already seem "alive" and environmentally friendly. If the bathroom has a window, then you can safely place the plants in pots, but in case the room is dark (as it happens in most Russian apartments), use compositions of dried flowers or even artificial variants - the main thing is that they are as similar as possible On natural.

Corner for applying makeup

Many women "style marafet" in the bathroomRoom, but infrequently you will see a special convenient place for applying makeup. However, to implement this idea you will need enough space to install a small table, chair and mirror. The simplest solution is to equip a small corner next to the sink - then you do not have to hang in the bathroom several mirrors. A small stool can be organically placed even in a cramped room, hiding it under the sink.


And finally, a bold decision that, although it "eats"A little space, but it will give you a lot of convenience - it's a bench inside the shower. Make a ledge of brick or concrete, overlay it with the same tiles as the walls, or, conversely, highlight a contrasting shade. Another option - a bench made of wood, covered with waterproof lacquer, it is more warm and pleasant in texture. However, if you do not want to radically alter the space inside the cabin, use a portable bench made of metal, plastic or wood. It will not look so impressive, but if you want, you can simply remove this furniture or move it.