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Delight your cat with an unexpected and pleasanta gift - a whole car! In addition to the fact that it looks cool, you can make it yourself. How? Architect Ruslan Kirnichansky Says The cat is a full member of the family and even society, so he needs his own car. The same as for people, only a KOTOMobile. Architect and design critic Ruslan Kirnichansky made just this for his cat and will now share his experience. Ruslan Kirnichansky, architect: - I had an unexpected addition to my family: they brought me a cat. I could not even imagine that cats are angry, and the fact that they scratch and bite seemed to me a myth. But any aggression is powerless over love. “I used to be angry because I have a bicyclewas not, "- said the hero of the Soviet cartoon, and this phrase was often recalled by the owner when he was deciding how to find a common language with the pet. Ruslan Kirnichansky, architect: - She began to sharpen her claws on the furniture, I bought her a special board - a scratching post, but it turned out to be of no interest to her. Probably, it was necessary to take that strange and scary construction, which is called "a house for a cat." But it is impossible even to look at these structures, and I can only imagine this in the interior of my apartment in a terrible dream. How to be? Accept the inevitability and give the furniture to the cat to be torn apart? But I have a more interesting idea. “The cat is angry because it doesn't have a car,” thought Ruslan and decided to make a catmobile for her. An interesting packaging was found in one store, inlollipops were sold to her. I had to buy them all in order to get the package. Now the owner has a supply of chocolates for six months in advance! For the production of "kotomobil" you will need:

  • Plastic mold - car;
  • rope;
  • Liquid nails / silicone;
  • Furniture stapler;
  • insulating tape.

The main idea for a "car" is to makeToy-scratching, which will be interesting to the cat. The cat will be able to ride a "kotomobil", catch up with him and sharpen his claws about him. As an upholstery, hemp rope was chosen, which can be purchased at any construction shop. After the model was dismantled, with the help ofThe rope was fastened to the rope. A strong fixation is simply necessary, as the rope will be wound on the mold further. For durability, a silicone layer is applied to the surface of the model. Work with a sealant or silicone in gloves, and do not forget to ventilate the room - silicone in liquid form has a pungent smell until completely dry. The "car" should go, but in order toThe protector did not leave traces and scratches on the flooring, with the help of insulating tape "tires" are made. In addition, such a wrapper makes the move quieter, which the cat, no doubt, will appreciate. The lid of the model can also be decorated: the edging made of yellow insulating tape reconciles the red color of the lid with the color of the wheels. After applying a special acrylic paint with a luminescent additive "kotomobil" outside it will look like a thing made with love. In order for the cat to be interested in catching upcar, you can add antennas (tails) to it, and inside the form put a few lumps of crumpled foil, which rustle when the "catmobile" moves, which attracts the cat's attention. Bottom line: the cat is happy, the furniture is intact.