Design of bathrooms: 17 ideas of Russian designers

In our selection from "Instagram" - delightfulbathrooms designed by Russian designers. Bright and austere, pretentious and elegant, luxurious and minimalist - in our article you will find bathrooms for every taste. An additional plus is a one-click transition to the designer's Instagram page. For several weeks now, the hashtag # 4roomble has been circulating on Instagram, by clicking on which, any user of this social network will be able to admire the best works of Russian designers, architects and decorators. Amendment: as experience has shown, the geography of coverage is rapidly expanding, now, among the best, you can see the work of specialists from Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Belarus. Today we publish a selection of the best bathrooms, next in line kitchens, offices and more. Follow our publications, and we will follow what is happening in the interior world and promptly share new products with you. Interior workshop of Varvara Zelenetskaya

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