Apartments up to 45 sq.m.

Design studio apartments: 16 original ideas


Do you think studio apartments are a punishment? Our selection will surely make you look differently at the idea of ​​combining all the premises

Studio apartment - an extraordinary variant of housing. Such advantages as the possibility of connecting different zones in the same room, many seem to be a minus. The need to sleep on the couch, smelling of all dishes cooked recently, too, few people can inspire.

However, modern technological solutions help to cope with the most seemingly difficult tasks. Let's start with the fact that the hoods of the last generation do not let the aromas go beyond the hob.

Folding sofas in terms of performance are in no way inferior to beds, and kitchen sets can realize any needs at a minimum of square meters.

Let's not forget about the possibility of installingfull double bed. In conditions of competent zoning, of course. If a dream, even on a very good folding couch, is unable to give you pleasure, start to think out ways of "hiding" the sleeping area from prying eyes.

There are plenty of options. You can collect a "box" of plasterboard, you can separate the sleeping area with a rack, screen or curtain, or you can even build a second floor specifically for the bedroom.

The kitchen area can also be turned into a centerinterior composition. Many companies now produce modular, manned kitchens, which from the outside are a regular cube, a ball or an entire art object. Functionally, such models are in no way inferior to the usual kitchen. Is that they are very compact. In any case, studio apartment is a great way to show creativity. His or an interior designer, who will draw the project apartment of your dreams.