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Design radiators of the future: 50 models and 10 purchase addresses with prices

Thanks to modern designers, the systemheating comes out of the shadows: unsightly "accordions" and radiator plates of the same type turn into attractive and functional interior items. You will definitely not want to hide such radiators behind curtains or protective partitions. On the contrary, you will be happy to demonstrate them to others! What kind of design radiators are there? Design radiators are produced in several versions: tubular, thermal panels and art objects.

  • Tubular models. They consist of steel pipes, from which a variety of configurations are created. Of these, it is easy to make partitions, screens for zoning. They are used to frame bar counters and protect them with staircases. Curved versions can be used in semicircular niches.
  • Art objects. Such options are more like beautiful abstract sculptures. Outwardly, they can resemble anything: Latin letters, trees, musical signs, simulate a fireplace with a burning flame.
  • Thermal panels. The shapes and sizes of the panels are so diverse that they look great in any interior. On the walls they look like unique works of art, creating a nice and warm indoor microclimate.

Functionality and beauty Technical capabilities allow you to create interesting and unexpected models of design radiators. For example, here is an original shelf-towel holder. Functionality and practicality have been combined in one radiator. Warm and beautiful! Zoning the space with radiators A littleit is unusual to hear, and even more so to see that the space can be zoned with the help of radiators. There are different models that are easy to match in color or shape to the interior. Bold fantasies Pyramid of stones, large leafwood, bright fantasy interior items with lighting - these are all models of radiators. They look like separate decorative elements. Colored models look delightful and colorful. Instead of a panel A modern radiator can easily replace a panel on any wall and become a bright detail of the space. Decorate the place at the stairs like this. And such a model will appeal to football fans. A versatile approach The design of modern radiators is so versatile that it fits easily into any cutting-edge style. Also, designers do not forget about interiors with a touch of antiquity. On a note!

  • Design radiators should be "built in" at the time of designing the interior of the room to perfectly fit into the space.
  • Due to the fact that such beauty does not need to be hidden, their heat transfer increases.
  • Where to buy a design radiator?If you are interested in the idea of ​​installing an original radiator, we are ready to help you choose the right model. We have selected 10 of the most unusual and attractive radiators that you can buy in our country. 1. Medusa wall radiator Price - 266,000 rubles. R. Manufacturer: Irsap (Italy) Store: The Italian brand Irsap has been developing and producing ultra-fashionable design radiators for more than half a century. One of the new "creations" is the Medusa radiator. It is ideal for modern style and high-tech interiors. Characteristics:

    • tubes of the outer circumference have a diameter of 33.70 mm;
    • steel wave-shaped pipes - 16 mm;
    • connection - 1/2 ";
    • pressure (maximum permissible in operating condition) - 8 bar;
    • the maximum permissible operating temperature is 95 ° C.

    2. Vintage radiator History Price —53 200 rubles.R. Manufacturer: Alpine Air (Turkey) Store: Today, vintage style, light abrasions, deep textures and delicate openwork patterns are in vogue. The cast-iron History model from the Turkish manufacturer Alpine Air will look the best in an interior with a retro touch. Characteristics:

    • weight - 171.7 kg;
    • power - 2 350 W;
    • heat transfer - 2 350 W;
    • the coolant is water (45.9 l).

    3.Heatwave bas-relief Price - from 133,151 to 228,260 rubles. R. Manufacturer: Jaga (Belgium) Store: Heatwave is a work of authorship by designer Joris Laarman with the support of heating giant Jaga. This radiator breaks all battery stereotypes. The bas-relief is a true decoration, especially in classic or art deco interiors. Interestingly, it is so versatile that it even bends around the corners of the room, which is very convenient for non-standard layouts or small spaces. Characteristics:

    • material - polymer concrete (mixture of synthetic and mineral materials);
    • modular construction;
    • inside - stainless steel pipes AISI 304;
    • surface - matte, smooth;
    • pressure: working - 6 bar, pressure test - 8 bar.

    4.Retro radiator Floreal 950 Price - from 5 750 rubles. R. Manufacturer: Chappee (France) Store: Another model for lovers of retro interiors, originally from France. It is made of cast iron and has rather non-standard dimensions: height - 95 cm, width - 78.2 cm. Such dimensions allow heating rooms that are not limited in square meters. Characteristics:

    • heat transfer - 277 W (1 section);
    • working pressure - 9 atm;
    • test pressure -12 atm.

    five.Radiator with romantic design Lully vsn-01-steel Price - 13 750 rubles. R. Manufacturer: Lully (Russia) Store: Radiator Lully vsn-01-steel has a steel front panel, due to which it gives the maximum amount of heat, evenly distributing it throughout the room. It has a stylish design and is suitable for modern interiors. Characteristics:

    • material - stainless steel 304 L AISI;
    • pressure (working) - from 1.5 to 16 atm;
    • dimensions - 109 cm (height), 55.9 cm (length), 4.5 cm (depth).

    6.Decorative panel Laguna Price - from 9 667 to 14 856 rubles. R. Manufacturer: Teploluxe (Russia) Store: The exquisite Laguna radiator, made in the form of a satin openwork panel, is a worthy decorative element for a luxurious interior. Will you say that it is not practical and you can't even dry a towel on it? Don't jump to conclusions - the radiator is equipped with one or more crossbars (chrome-plated) for drying textiles. This option is perfect for the bathroom. And for the living room, of course, it is better to use a radiator without crossbars, so as not to spoil the elegance of the interior. Characteristics:

    • dimensions of the heating panel - 60 cm (width), 50 cm (height), 0.9 cm (thickness);
    • power - 180 W;
    • temperature - 70 ° С;
    • protection from dust and moisture - degree IP44.

    7. Model Diamond Price - 40,279 rubles. R.Manufacturer: Korle-Radiator (Russia) Store: The ideal solution for a high-tech interior is a Diamond radiator from the domestic manufacturer Korle-Radiator. Steel, geometric and incredibly stylish, it will become a true decoration of your space, like a diamond in a piece of jewelry. Characteristics:

    • material - stainless steel 304 L AISI;
    • pressure (working) - from 1.5 to 16 atm;
    • dimensions - 109 cm (height), 55.9 cm (length), 4.5 cm (depth).

    eight.Wooden radiator Saturno Price - 51 410 rubles. R. Manufacturer: I-Radium (Italy) Store: What? Wood radiator? Does that happen? This world never ceases to amaze with its incredible experiments. Now this is possible! Saturno is a design invention by Enzo Bert. He loves non-standard solutions, for example, he makes furniture in the form of large sea stones or a marble sink in the form of a blot. How does this radiator work? It differs from its aquatic counterparts in that it gives heat using infrared radiation. So, first people are warmed up, and then the air is already warming up. Characteristics:

    • materials - wenge, ebony, oak (gray, black, clarified and white), the rings are made of metal (matte);
    • height - 100 cm;
    • length - 58 cm;
    • power - 450 watts.

    nine.Radiator-mirror Melody variant mirror Price - 28 560 rubles. R. Manufacturer: ISAN (Czech Republic) Store: What else can surprise after a wooden radiator? Is that a mirror! It is a very comfortable and functional water-based model. With such a battery, the space of a small bathroom will increase significantly! Characteristics:

    • materials - steel pipes and profiles, mirror (4 mm);
    • power - 2,856 watts;
    • pressure - 0,5 Mpa (working), 0,65 Mpa (testing);
    • the maximum temperature is 95 ° C.

    10.Modernist Teso heated towel rail radiator Price - 70 475 rubles. R. Manufacturer: Antrax (Italy) Shop: What are the requirements for current radiators? Functionality, high heat dissipation and certainly attractive appearance - modern, stylish and memorable. All these points were taken into account in the Italian company Antrax and created an ideal model in all these parameters - Teso. Characteristics:

    • power - 668-2 356 W;
    • pressure (working) - 6,5 bar;
    • dimensions (depending on the model) - from 170 x 25 cm to 200 x 75.6 cm.,,,,,,,,, rusklimat. en