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School of Design Barbara Zelenetskaya: green color in the interior

Today we will reveal the secrets of using in the interior shade of green flash - one of the main colors of the year. The advice is given to us by the famous designer Varvara Zelenetskaya

Pantone Color Institute is the main legislatorcoloristic fashion - very soon will present a list of shades of the next year. In anticipation of this event, we decided to recall the brightest shades of 2016. Today, interior designer Varvara Zelenetskaya will tell us about the bright green flash. Varvara Zelenetskaya, interior designer Graduated specialist in interior and furniture design, specialist in art management (graduated from the Humanities and Applied Institute and the Institute of Contemporary Art), interned in Florence at the Lorenzo di Medeci Design Institute. Since 2002, he has been a co-owner of the Dekointeriors studio in the Central House of Architects. In 2005 she opened a studio, works with interiors, ranging from an architectural project to individual items that are developed and created according to the sketches of the studio's designers in her own workshop.

- Well, the 80s arrived in time.Green flash can be safely paired with, they have, one might say, common roots, they both came to us from the end of the last century. Like fiesta, this shade is whitened despite its almost luminescent green base.

In the end, it turned out a kind of cold apple. A very specific color, I can not say that I like it, but by its presence it will certainly refresh any space.

Like fiesta, green flash will manifest itself as much as possible in reflective surfaces - in metal, lacquer and plastic.

As for locations, for me this color is absolutely social. I see him in the subject series, but he will be truly incomparable in restaurants, clubs and discos.

If someone scared to fit it into a residential interior, I would recommend using a green flash in the nursery, its freshness and gaiety will be very welcome there.

Brave men can enter it into the living room. But I still recommend doing it very carefully and dosed. He's too cold and active.

On the walls, this color, in my opinion, will look more than specific. But if you decide, let it be an option with decorative plaster or gloss.