Dog at the dacha: 5 ideas for creating comfortable conditions for your pet


How to provide comfortable conditions for a suburbanSite for your favorite dog? After all, a cheerful four-legged friend can deliver not only joy, but also unpleasant surprises. If you do not take care of the interests of the dog in time, your favorite flowers in the flower beds can be trampled on, there will be undermining on the site, and "mines" on the lawn grass. In order for the interests of the dog and the owners to coincide, it is necessary to find a competent compromise, and then rest on nature will bring everyone true pleasure.


You can immediately designate the territory of yourpet by making a fence on the site. Consider the size of the dog as well. If it is small, then you should not build high fences. Make paths for your pet. Believe me, he will be happy to run on them. By the way, you can give the dog full control of the strip along the fence. In this case, it is better that the hedge is deaf. And for very inquisitive dogs, it is worth making a viewing window in the fence. You can go the other way - give the pet complete freedom on the site, and protect the flower beds, trees and other summer cottage vegetation with decorative fences.

Cages and booths

The dog needs a place to sleep and rest, andalso hide from the scorching sun. Therefore, make sure that she has her own house. It is advisable to choose an area for an aviary and a booth in a dry place with well-drained soil. To keep the animal comfortable in the summer, set up the booth in the shade. If there are no trees, you can plant an elderberry, hawthorn or lilac on the south side of the building. Choose the design of the booth in accordance with the characteristics of your site. For example, you can make an entrance hole in a barrel and turn it over. Or build a roof terrace for your pet and put a booth there. Or make a wooden structure-booth, and make a small fence on the roof. The dog will be able to climb up the stairs.


The dog cannot do without drinking water.You can put a bowl on her, but at the same time you need to constantly make sure that there is always water in it. Or make a small fresh water fountain that fits into the design of the site. Your pet will love the splashes and have constant access to water. It's a good idea to organize a pool or a small body of water. In this case, care should be taken to ensure that the animal can easily get out of it.


Dogs are happy to frolic and run aroundsite. And to protect it, you can create low hedges: barberry, Japanese quince or dwarf spirits. When spraying garden trees and shrubs, you should isolate the animal until the leaves are dry so that it does not lick the chemicals off the leaves.


As an entertainment, you can arrange a labyrinth for dogs: they like to learn new ways, scour and patrol.

It is important to know

  • If you care about the health of the pet, then do not make the floor in the enclosure concrete or earth. Better use wood flooring.
  • If there is a decorative pond on your site, take care of the dog's safety: do not use chemical preparations for clarification and purification of water.
  • Since dogs like to try everything on the tooth, notPlant dangerous plants on the site (it is interesting that grapes can be dangerous for dogs: even one leaflet can cause them to vomit and upset stomach). Better let the dog chew a freshly cut branch or some special items (they can be easily found in a pet store), at the very least - an old shoe.
  • Note that all kinds of lures for rodents and snails can also be dangerous for your pet.
  • Try to select such landscape materials that will not cling to the paws of the dog and heat up.