With your own hands

Koshatnikam and the dog is dedicated. Charming bed from an old box for your pet: a master class

Your interior is all designer, and stylishCat lodges on sale there? No problem. We'll tell you how to make a nice wooden bed for a pet in a couple of hours. Recently we published a selection of the most original cats' houses that can be bought in European online stores. Those who read our article about this, probably, paid attention to the rather high cost of such beautiful furniture for pets. Especially for those who love their pets, but are not ready to pay a tidy sum for designer accessories, we have prepared a special master class. In it we will tell you how to make a charming wooden bed for your cat or dog with your own hands.


  • Wooden box (preferably new);
  • 4 small furniture legs or wooden holders for candles;
  • Glue for wood;
  • Gray stain;
  • Paints for wood (white, gray or beige);
  • Permanent marker.

First remove from one side of the box twoWooden slats (or more - depending on the configuration of the box) with a hammer. Treat the stylized surface of the box and the wooden legs. Apply it in a single layer. Then leave for 10 minutes, then wipe the product with a dry cloth or paper towel. Now we use the paint, previously dilutedHer with water one to two, so as not to paint over the texture of the tree. We apply a thin layer of solution. Even before drying, remove excess paint with a paper towel. In order to better visualize the wood texture, wipe the paint along the direction of the fibers. Next step: To the bottom of the bed-drawer you need to glue or screw the legs (depending on which accessories you use). In our case, the glue was used, because instead of the standard furniture legs, inverted wooden candle holders were used. The main work is completed. And we can say that at this stage the decorative design of our bed for pets is made in the style of "Provence". To enhance this impression, we suggest you apply a beautiful inscription in French on the product. You can do this by using an online translator and a permanent marker. You can write your pet's name or any other words and expressions. To slightly age the inscription, apply another thin layer of white paint solution over it. Do not forget to get wet with a towel. Now put a cushion (or blanket) appropriate for the style inside the box-bed and invite your pet to try out a new berth. We are sure that both of you will be satisfied with the result. meetthebs.com