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How to decorate your house for Christmas Keely Kuoko


Popular actress Kaley Cuoco prepared formeeting Christmas in advance, deciding to decorate her wonderful home so that she and her husband, as well as their guests, would feel here like in a fairy tale. How we managed to achieve this - we will tell you today. We have already told, showed its cozy and stylish interiors. It seemed that it was already impossible to improve something here. But the holiday obliges you to change! Especially if it is done by creative and very talented people. Deciding to decorate her home for Christmas, Kayleigh turned to renowned designer Jeff Andrews for help. A good designer differs from a simple designer in that he penetrates into the secret desires of the customer and embodies them in the decor of the interiors, creating a harmonious and deeply meaningful range of colors, shapes and textures. Kayleigh did not hide her desires and dreams: she adores golden shades and, in general, everything shiny, and she also loves to wrap various gifts with her own hands. She turns this process into real creativity, even into art, carefully choosing all sorts of decorative trifles and trinkets, adding decorations to the packaging, so that in the end she turns out a kind of gift in a gift. Kayleigh dreams of someday making a special "gift" room in the house, where her imagination will unfold to the fullest. Jeff Andrews went even further: for the holidays, he turned Kayleigh's entire house into a gift palace. See for yourself! Kayleigh's other passion is dogs.Three pets live in this house and, apparently, feel like masters here. Jeff Andrews has added animalism to the décor of the premises, creating many figurines in the form of dogs, and at the same time fabulous forest creatures, completing the overall idea of ​​transforming the space of the house. Metallic hues such as gold, platinum, bronze and silver with white and green accents seem to be perfect for interiors. This color palette adds a festive mood and visually warms the home. Despite the fact that the holidays are still winter, some summer warmth fits harmoniously into the overall picture. Gifts have already been spread out in all rooms, wherever possible: it is clear that Kayleigh took her soul to glory, doing her favorite hobby! It remains to wait for the onset of the holiday and hand them over to the guests, who will gladly plunge into the golden atmosphere of this fabulous house.

On a note!

  • If you want to repeat such a decor in yourHouse, consider a very important point: a lot of gold and shiny items and details look harmonious only in large and spacious rooms. Otherwise, you risk visually weighting the already cramped space.
  • To enhance the effect, it is necessary to provide for the possibility of placing several light sources in the interior, as done in the house of Kaylee.
  • Be sure to dilute the golden scale with white and green accents, they not only harmoniously look together, but also emphasize, shade and highlight the gold details.
  • If you are not inclined by nature to shocking and high jinks, reduce the number of brilliant items and accessories: they very quickly begin to annoy you.
  • Choose in the general composition something one inAs the main accent - it can be the color to which the whole palette is subordinated, or thematic accessories, be they bears, dogs or forest characters. Do not try to "stuff" everything into your decor, otherwise instead of a light and festive impression you will feel a depressing weight from what you have changed the sense of proportion and taste.