Arrangement of a convenient kitchen: shelves and drawers for a cupboard under the sink


How to make sure that everything is in its place andalways at hand? Every housewife dreams of perfect order. Especially when it comes to the kitchen. We will tell you how to correctly use the space under the sink in the kitchen and in the bathroom Sponges, detergents, powders and cosmetics, a lot of bottles, jars of shampoos and balms - where to hide all this? A good housewife has a whole arsenal of gloves, brushes and all kinds of cleaning tools, but the issue of their storage sometimes becomes so acute that you have to puzzle over and invent something new. What if you look under the sink? For many, this space is simply empty, but it can be used to save space and as an additional organizer. We have collected the best ideas for you and decided to share some simple secrets.

Behind the curtains

In the kitchen, sinks most often have specialpedestals that come with the rest of the headset. If there is none, then you can make it to order in a carpentry workshop (budget option) or choose ready-made options in a specialized store. If the kitchen is very small, and you decide that it is better to leave the sink without a cabinet, then you can cover the open space with a curtain. In this case, it is better to choose a material that is resistant to moisture, such as oilcloth. These curtains are usually sold at hardware stores. This option is also suitable for bathrooms.

Perfect order: a cupboard under the sink in the kitchen

If you still have a curbstone, then you canthink about how to properly organize storage systems in it. First of all, think about what you are going to store under the sink - dishes or household chemicals. Some even store vegetables under the sink. We learned about this by reading several forums of housewives. But it is not recommended to store potatoes, onions or carrots under the sink, it is better to set aside a special place for them - we recently wrote about this. So, if you decide to designate a cabinet under the sink for household chemicals, brushes and other household helpers, then it is better to assign them to different departments. For example, place the sponges in a plastic container and the brushes in a small basket. Put those tools that you rarely use in the far corner so that they do not interfere with taking those items that you need constantly. Our opinion: - Hang gloves, rags and large brushes on small hooks inside the cabinet or even on the doors. If you are accustomed to storing a trash can under the sink, then choose a compact one so that there is room for shelves. Elena Krylova, interior designer: - The space under the sink often disappears, because not everyone knows how to organize it correctly. A standard set must be placed under the sink: a trash bin, a sink cabinet (with water filters and dispensers), and a water heater in the far corner. Further, if space permits, organize storage space for household chemicals and other kitchen utensils. If the sink and the space under it are angular, it is preferable to choose an L-shaped bedside table. When using a trapezoidal corner cabinet, there is enough space to use the "carousel" - a rotating section where you can put pots and pans.

All on the shelves: a cabinet under the sink in the bathroom

The place under the sink in the bathroom is used even less often,than in the kitchen, placing many jars on open shelves. But this is not always pleasant to see, and the number of shampoos, cosmetics and various accessories may increase. And by hiding many things under the sink, you will make the room more spacious without cluttering it with unnecessary items. For the bathroom, we also recommend using compact plastic containers, both closed and open. They will help you distribute shampoos, conditioners and shower gels, and to avoid confusion, sign each container. Our opinion: - Put cotton swabs and sticks in jars with a lid so that they are not saturated with the smell of cosmetics. You can also store towels, paper rolls, and even a first aid kit under the sink.

Organizers that will always help out

Now that you know how to organize a placeunder the sink, you can look into the hardware store and look for a few organizers that are designed specifically for storage in such small cabinets. Roof rails, it turns out, are also great for these purposes. Detergents can be attached to them, for example. Metal basket organizers with ready-made compartments are considered one of the most convenient. They are retractable and mobile, they can be pulled out at any time and moved to another place without unscrewing the screws. The devices that are installed on the doors are also convenient. These are jars for storing toothbrushes, and metal baskets for sponges, and plastic storage systems with many pockets. A retractable bottom is also considered an interesting and practical option. It allows you to get all objects without much effort, even those that are at the very wall. Elena Krylova, interior designer: - Choosing between drawers or shelves with a hinged door, it is better to choose the first option - this will make it possible to organize storage ergonomically. There are many additional storage items that must not be forgotten either: roll-out mesh baskets, stationary holders or containers that are attached to cabinet walls and doors.

Napoca: solution for bold or forced action?

Fully open bathrooms meetshelves under the sink. Some save space in this way, while others believe that there is nothing wrong with flaunting personal hygiene items. If this is your situation, then do not overload the shelves with various items. Otherwise, you risk drawing attention to the disorder, and not vice versa. Remember that everything should be measured. Julia Borisova, decorator: - A common decorator's recommendation is to close the shelves under the sink, as different-sized jars and bottles of different colors and brands look sloppy and create a visual mess. Inside the curbstone, you can put containers made of fabric or leather and put all cosmetics thematically on them.