The apartments are 45-90 sq.m.

Project of the week. Microlift without doors for a young girl


How to create an atmosphere of freedom in the interior,openness, ease? Can loft style be used for spaces up to 60 square meters? It turns out you can! This was proved by the designers from the studio Mooseberry design group. Active, interesting and completely without complexes - this is how the owner of this apartment can be characterized. She is 26 years old, loves open spaces, New York, photography and hates cooking. What kind of interior do you think would be ideal for such a person? Denis Garbuzyuk and Nika Los, designers of the Mooseberry design group studio A young and creative team of architects, designers, visualizers and decorators. The team willingly takes on work of any complexity. Facebook page:

Without doors

One that displays the spirit of freedom.In this, the thoughts of the girl and the designers of the Mooseberry design group came together. Therefore, it was decided to choose a loft style with a hint of eco-style and with elements of minimalism. Denis Garbuzyuk and Nika Los, designers of the Mooseberry design group studio: - The customer is a young girl. She is a photographer by profession. I planned to work and relax in the apartment. I really wanted to create the most open space, and so the idea was born to abandon doors. Arguments that the guests would be uncomfortable did not help: the girl does not expect shy guests at home!

Minimalism in everything

The girl's main desire is minimalism in everything:in furniture, details, interior items. Since the doors have been completely abandoned in the apartment, they are absent even in the bathroom. To hide the toilet, the designers decided to make a small partition for it. Our opinion: - The editorial office is also not very clear why not leave the doors at least in the bathrooms, but we have already seen similar moves in other interiors. For example, in one multi-level Kiev apartment, a bathroom without doors was located on a small area of ​​one of the levels. And on this floor there were only toilets and bathrooms. But since there were no doors to the stairs, the bathroom was generally open. We also saw a similar solution in the apartment of a very fashionable photographer. But there such an unexpected decision came only because there was no time and money to order the doors to the bathroom that I wanted. There is not much space for the kitchen either.This is because the landlady does not like to devote time to cooking. She wanted to see only three items in her kitchen - a large refrigerator, a dishwasher and a coffee maker. Perhaps this choice is due to an active lifestyle and a tight work schedule - the girl is constantly on the set, on trips, at meetings.

Features of the layout

Designers do not "conjure" for a long time over the layouthad to. The owner of the apartment was satisfied with the existing arrangement of the rooms. Only minor adjustments were made to the space, for example, the entrance to the bedroom was redone so that a dressing room could be located there. Also, the passage to the kitchen was slightly increased, and the entrance to the bathroom was slightly moved, exactly so that it was in the middle. Denis Garbuzyuk and Nika Los, designers of the Mooseberry design group studio: - The strangest thing about this project is the absence of doors. The best thing about this interior is that the customer trusted us very much, she liked our ideas with concrete and wood, with a glass wardrobe and a panel with a view of New York. There are many design and bold ideas in this interior, which were accepted by the customer.

Concrete and wood - the perfect combination

The photographer girl does not like standard solutions, sheI like to combine incongruous, play with materials, both at work and in my own interior. Therefore, concrete was taken as the basis for the color scheme, with natural wood as a contrasting companion. Part of the walls and the ceiling were sheathed with them. So the interior brought notes of naturalness, diluting the industrial coldness of the loft with the warmth of wood. Denis Garbuzyuk and Nika Los, designers of the Mooseberry design group: - We decided to make the rest of the walls neutral so as not to overload the already small space of the rooms. The colors in the rooms were added by the decor and furniture. Almost all the light in the apartment is of the Philips trademark, the customer is very fond of the lighting solutions of this manufacturer.

Finishing, materials, brands

Made to order

  • according to the sketches, soft furniture was made in the living room, a working table and a storage system on the balcony;
  • mirrors in the bedroom and bathroom;
  • the kitchen was planned to be made to order from the masters of Paspolini.


  • facades - with the texture of the tree;
  • countertop - made of concrete;
  • bar chairs - Pedrali.

Living room

  • chairs - Pedrali;
  • lamps - IKEA;
  • carpet - Kare;
  • shelves - from Sebastian Errazuriz.


  • bed, table, dressing table, mirror, mirror lighting, wardrobe - IKEA;
  • light over the bed - Philips.


  • bathroom with shower - Villeroy & Boch.

Paint, textiles:

  • paint - Tikkurila.


  • in the hall - concrete;
  • in the bathroom there is a terrace board;
  • in the living room and bedroom - parquet, whiteboard.

Denis Garbuzyuk and Nika Los, studio designersMooseberry design group: - At the entrance, the floor is made of poured concrete, further down the apartment - wood. We chose concrete because it suits us in terms of color and style, wood - because we wanted a warm texture in the rooms, so that we could walk barefoot. In the bathroom, the principle of decking was used - the tree is laid in increments. This allows water to drain through the passages. They decided to paint the walls, in the living room they decorated with wood, and in the bedroom they made a panel with a view of New York - the city in which the customer is in love.

Tips for arranging a similar interior from Mooseberry design group

  • This is a modern style interior with loft elements. It is characterized by materials that have remained from the developer: concrete, brick, foam block.
  • If the walls of such materials are even, then safely leave them - they will very decorate your apartment and give it a brutal highlight.
  • Use natural materials, such as wood. First, it will add heat, and secondly, it's very nice to touch.
  • To add colors, use a bright decor: cushions, paintings, vases - something that can be quickly replaced, if you get bored.
  • The interior should be yours, bring an old grandmother's chair or hang a painting painted by your sister - this will add uniqueness, and the apartment will immediately become native.
  • Visualization provided by the Mooseberry Design Group