Fashionable interior: 10 simple and interesting techniques


There was a desire to make your own interiorMore fashionable, to match the latest trends in world design? Then you should definitely get acquainted with our review of stylish elements for decoration. In order to make the interior of your house fashionable, it is not enough just to want, you need to act. And quickly to make similar changes is better helped by the addition of stylish things. Because this does not have to do repairs, it will be enough just to find the items suitable place.

1. The Sun-Mirror

French gloss and shine to your home can beдобавить с помощью зеркала-солнца. Столь изящный и элегантный предмет превосходно впишется в интерьер любого стиля. Неважно, будет зеркало современным или старинным, дорогим или дешёвым, не имеет значения его форма, цвет и обрамляющий материал — в любом случае оно сделает помещение стильным и актуальным на долгое время. А присутствие такого солнца создаст ощущение ярких летних деньков даже в самые хмурые дни.

2. Soft pouf

An incredibly convenient accessory that willto give joy not only with their aesthetic qualities. The main advantage is that it does not take up much space, it is easy to move, and it also fits perfectly into a wide variety of environments. Probably hard to find a softer and more original additional seating position. Indeed, in addition to their functionality, poufs are able to bring brightness, interest and comfort to the interior.

3. Incandescent lamps

It is now considered a very fashionable phenomenon in the worldDesign. This small element is like a precious decoration for the room. Especially stylish look like lamps from brass or copper, where there is some additional framing in the form of plafond-skeletons.

4. Kelim

Add to the interior of the style called extraordinarilyActual handmade kilims. Their ornate patterns complement the space with flowers and textures, so you can use these carpets not only on the floor, but even on furniture. Ethnic motives and obvious identity will not leave anyone indifferent.

5. Pillows with a graphic print

Many designers today use them everywhereIn their projects, and they are becoming more popular. Such a wide distribution of cushions with a graphic print got thanks to their style, dynamics and catchiness. In addition, there is no need to dwell on any particular pattern, you can collect a whole pile of different pillows, but preferably in the same color scheme.

6. Logs

It's a wonderful way to enrich your home.texture and comfort, while showing your refined taste. Logs look unusually attractive and literally mesmerize with their naturalness, they will fit especially harmoniously into. And even if you do not have a fireplace, this does not mean that such an idea does not suit you, because you still did not intend to throw such beauty into the oven.

7. Chandelier "Sputnik"

Designed back in 1957 by designer GinoSarfatti (Gino Sarfatti), this chandelier has received an incredible number of rebirths and interpretations. There are also a lot of master classes, how to make "Sputnik" with your own hands. And what option would you not have chosen for yourself, this unusual cosmic element will certainly become a fashionable decoration of your house.

8. A wooden tray

A wooden tray in the style of eco, which now,Like the natural material itself, at the peak of popularity, will make your home more stylish. Not only will your guests appreciate its marvelous natural beauty when you bring them drinks, but for the housewife it is a very necessary tool in the kitchen.

9. Marble coffee table

By sophistication and luxury, a little materialCan be compared with marble. Therefore, no doubt, a coffee table with a table top made of marble will decorate any space and become its focal point.

10. Ancient candlesticks

Bring romance, mystery and even a littleMagic can antique candlesticks. And although similar elements were used many centuries ago, but today they remain quite fashionable and relevant for decoration.