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Apartment on the 22nd floor: comfortable minimalism for ages -


Can you imagine an apartment, interiorwhich will not go out of fashion for another five to seven years? Today we will present to your attention an amazing apartment on the 22nd floor in the style of comfortable minimalism. As you already understood, the apartment is located on the 22nd floor. The previous owners got the premises with a free layout. Unfortunately, the space was extremely poorly planned, as a result of which a very long and narrow corridor was formed, and the entrance to the bathroom was located as far as possible from the bedroom. The customer (a young man, a student of biochemistry) decided to limit himself only to changing the finishing coatings (floor, walls, ceiling), to change the lighting scenario, which required some changes in the location of the electrician. Designer-decorator Yulia Alekseeva took over the project. Let's see how she managed to realize the wishes of the customer. Julia Alekseeva Julia Alekseeva, designer-decorator, head of the JulyAlex Interior Design & Decoration studio, graduated with honors from Moscow State University of Theater Arts and the International School of Design. Julia prefers to design private interiors, she also has experience in creating public interiors: offices, cafes. In his projects, he pays special attention to functionality, ergonomics and comfort. Together with the apartment the new owners gotwonderful cuisine Veneta cucine, but it was unsuccessfully inscribed in the interior. Accordingly, it was decided to minimize the redevelopment in the kitchen area. In order to profitably design the already existing kitchen, a niche was constructed according to the size of the existing high cabinets, two of which are occupied by a refrigerator. The countertop was replaced and an artificial stone was installed, as well as a new sink. The kitchen apron of glass was replaced with porcelain stoneware Apavisa (Spain). Thus, the kitchen fits perfectly into the new walls. A Grohe Blue Pure mixer was installed (thanks to a unique technology, this system turns ordinary tap water into fresh drinking water, cleared of all impurities that degrade its taste, and the light indicator will inform you of the need to replace the filter). The dining area was supplemented by a dining table from BoConcept with a white glass top that has rounded corners and the possibility of transforming to a size of more than two meters. The chairs were also chosen in BoConcept. They are very comfortable and have a textile coating, resistant to soiling, which is important for the dining room. Initially, it was decided the main color of the wallsmake gray, and its hue determined the kitchen facades. To highlight them, for the kitchen area, the shade was slightly darker than for the rest of the apartment (Manders, Little Green). The same color was used for the outermost wall of the corridor to visually bring it closer, making the corridor less long. On the wall installed gypsum lamps (Skol) and painted them in the color of the wall. On the partition between the built-in closets, in the middle of the corridor, it was decided to draw a picture that would draw attention to itself and distract it from the depth of the corridor. To realize this idea, the artist Galina Vyaznikova was invited. The living room has undergone the least reconstruction. Here there was a built-in rack, made to order (from MDF and veneer) according to the drawings of the designer. The walls were lined and painted with matte paint. The living room sofa is chosen by Albert & Shtein. Over the sofa is supposed to place the picture, but her customer decided to purchase later. Floor lamp and coffee table - from BoConcept. The matte surface of the table hides in itself the storage space, and the black gloss has something in common with the color of audio and video equipment. The Chandelier Flos (Gino Sarfatti) does not weight the space of the living room combined with the kitchen-dining room. One of the wishes of the customer was a wrought-iron bedin the bedroom. In the collection Ciacci (Italy) was found a very interesting and unusual specimen - the model Astro. These lines are also repeated in the luminaire of Tom Dixon, which casts extraordinary shadows on the ceiling and walls. Around the perimeter of the cornice (Orac decor) is an LED strip that illuminates the wall, which gives the illusion of a floating ceiling and diffused light for convenient use of built-in cabinets. The bedroom was dismantleddoors-coupe, hiding built-in wardrobes. In their place were installed custom-made primed thin doors made of MDF, painted in the tone of the wall. Bedside tables are made according to the sketches of the designer, they are equipped with the same handles as on the doors of the built-in cabinets. The Cabinet occupies the brightest room with twowindows. That the sun does not distract from work, on all windows the roller blinds with the electric drive which can be closed both all simultaneously, and separately are established. The customer wanted to see in the office chocolate and snow-white colors. Thus there was a wall, finished with plaster panels (Artpole) with built-in lamps, painted in intense chocolate color, and a translucent snow-white tulle added air to the working atmosphere. Shadow curtains on the windows resemble an expensive costume fabric. A small sofa (Estetica) is able to become a full-fledged double room for delayed guests. The armchair (Estetica) adds refinement to the working cabinet. In the office, severallight scenarios. In the evening, the Artichoke lamp casts whimsical shadows and creates an atmosphere of relaxation. The spotlights give a bright directional light for the working surface. There is a table and two shelves in the niches. The table is made taking into account all the needs of the customer - there is a place for placing office equipment and enough free space for working with documents. Everything is made according to the drawings of the designer, made of MDF with a natural veneer finish, the shade of which is selected in accordance with the parquet board. The apartment has two bathrooms.The guest bathroom has been slightly enlarged for the convenience of placing the sink. Porcelain stoneware Apavisa (Spain) was chosen for wall and floor decoration. In the bathroom, all plumbing was replaced with a new one (Villeroy & Boch), all faucets and accessories from Gessi (Italy), a shower cabin - Jacuzzi (Italy). Porcelain stoneware Apavisa (Spain) of deep dark color (anthracite) with the inclusion of rusty metal was chosen for the decoration of the walls and floor. The niche is provided with a backlight (diode strip) for use at night. Floors, doors:

  • flooring - parquet JUNCKERS (massive board, oak «Golden Pearl», has a pleasant warm shade with a general neutral tone .This color allows you to add ease to the interior);
  • doors - Bluinterni.

Decorating can completely change the perception of space. Even without a global redevelopment, you can get a completely different apartment. Julia Alekseeva, designer-decorator Plan before installation Plans for installation and dismantling Plan of arrangement of furniture