Head of bed: 18 original winter ideas


Do not know what to do in the cold November evenings? Change the head of the bed! We have 18 ideas with a winter mood and the rationale why you need it

The closer the winter, the more you want to sleep. To make this blessed process even more enjoyable, we picked up 18 very beautiful and undeniably winter headboards for the bed.

Do you think the coach coupler is the ideal design? We will not argue, but we will kindly share some ideas. Look at what else you can do.

Complexly compound inserts, similar to frosty patterns, are beautiful both on white and on a contrasting background.

Part of the bas-relief in memory of the demolished monument of architecture perfectly suits as the design of the headboard for the bedroom in the style of country, Provence and Shebbi-chic.

Grandmother's macrame is relevant everywhere and always. In the bedroom it will look incredibly cozy and touching.

Christmas garlands, folded in the coveted word "Sleep", will not leave a chance to the TV, taking away from you cherished minutes, and even the hours intended solely for languorous encounters with Morpheus.

Do you prefer something dark and attractive? Then draw a space with the stars. Do not forget the moon and a couple of comets as a symbol of a clear goal and an uninterrupted movement.

Tired of the winter? Hang flowers in the flasks. Did they repair and feel sorry for throwing out the old doors? Make the bed head out of them. Is there a beautiful terrace tile? Pour it behind the bed. Do you like to read? Make a library at the head of the bed. Options for the head of the bed set, but they all whisper the main truth of the approaching winter: to sleep - it's good.