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How to make a bed head: ideas and designer tips

Textiles, mirrors, photos, old woodenThe boards, niches and even cushions can be the material for making the stylish headboard of the bed. Do you want to know how to best arrange it? Read advice from the designer Natalia Masharska Natalya Masharskaya believes that the bed is a business card of the bedroom, and her headboard is one of the main accents. With this element the room looks quite different. It acquires a special atmosphere, is filled with comfort and becomes more attractive. The headboard is able to give the bedroom a character, and it will help you to realize your creative ideas. The main rule, which Natalia advises to adhere to, is to improvise and fantasize. Natalia Masharskaya, architect-designer

Head and art director of the studio mnDesire. Professional experience in the field of design and architecture - more than 8 years. She graduated from the MAI, then was educated at the International School of Design, specializing in interior architecture and decoration. She worked as a chief architect in leading design studios in Moscow, such as the "Architectural Bureau of Sergei Estrin" and "Innoveishen." The realized project of office premises Schlumberger won the Commercial Real Estate Awards. Some of the best works are published in such magazines as SALON-interior, Office Interior and others. In the work, he strives to ensure that the projects bring the customer pleasure and joy.

Idea number 1: wall panels

One of the options can beDecorative panels: wooden, plaster, textile, plastic. Today, construction hypermarkets offer a variety of ready-made compositions. But nobody canceled the creative approach! Therefore, you can compose the necessary pattern yourself. It is not necessary to sew the whole wall behind the bed with one kind of panels. You can, for example, make a quaint patchwork pattern or fold a pre-conceived picture of small pieces (in the manner of a puzzle).

Idea # 2: Screen

Ideal for an oriental interior. The screen can be attached to the wall or made mobile by simply placing it behind the bed. Especially beautiful looks dark screen on a light background, and vice versa.

Idea number 3: wooden decoration

Your bedroom is decorated in country style, ProvenceOr a chic chic? Then pay attention to the old granary boards, carved wooden shutters or doors. Perhaps you do not even know how well they can supplement such a space. But the tree - an element that gives the interior a touch of comfort.

Idea # 4: textile design

With the role of the headboard can perfectly handle the fabric - a canvas on the entire wall, panels or textile panels. However, when using this method of registration, it is necessary to take into account some of the nuances:

  • The textile headboard must be removable so that it can be cleaned or washed;
  • The fabric must be selected from materials that are pleasant to the touch, dust and dirt repellent;
  • The headboard should be well attached to the bed or wall.

Idea №5: photos

Photos are decor, which is appropriateAlmost in any style. They enliven the space, filling it with a pleasant, soulful atmosphere. Why not take pictures, dear to your heart, a kind of headboard in the bedroom? They can become both an adornment of this room, and a reminder of the most wonderful moments of your life.

Idea number 6: paintings

This is a traditional technique, which is most oftenOccurs when decorating the wall above the bed. But the choice of the picture also has its own nuances. So, much attention should be paid to the plot (for example, it is necessary to bypass shocking and aggressive works: they are not in the bedroom). Color also plays an important role. Stay in neutral, warm colors. They will create a calm, relaxing mood.

Idea # 7: The Mirror

This is a very bold decorative reception. The mirror can be not only framed in a beautiful frame, but also be present in the form of mirror panels or occupy the whole wall above the bed, which visually enlarges the room. It is important to take into account one nuance: you need to place the mirror at a height of at least 40 cm from the mattress. This is the safest distance, which corresponds to the laws of feng shui and promotes comfortable sleep.

Idea number 8: tiles

Mosaic or tile with a quaint pattern like the head of the bed is a fine accent in the bedroom. In addition, these materials do not require special care.

Idea number 9: pillows

Many pillows do not happen! If you are of the same opinion, hang them on the wall above the bed or use them as a headboard. They can be multi-colored or with a repeating pattern - fantasize!

Idea number 10: prints, vinyl stickers, wallpapers, painting

Decorating the headboard with painting, vinylStickers, photo wallpapers or unusual prints, it is worth choosing an interesting and uninviting story that harmoniously fits into the interior of your bedroom. This option is suitable for placing in any style. The biggest advantage is that the design of the room can be made exclusive.

Idea number 11: shelves and niches

Shelves and niches above the bed - it's veryFunctionally and practically. If you like reading before going to bed in bed or watching TV, then this option is just right for you. In this case, the shelves should be installed at a comfortable height, so that you do not hurt their head when sitting on the bed. Also do not forget to calculate the sufficient depth of shelves and niches so that things do not fall on you. In the niche, you can make a highlight, and then you can even easily find your favorite book even on the darkest night. But be aware that if you need to build a wall to create a niche, it will reduce the bedroom.;;;;;