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Home Spa: 5 items that should be there


You dream about a home spa, but do not know where to start? Our selection of the most important components will help you navigate and make the first step towards a dream

One of the most current trends of recent times is the home spa. Today we will consider the most important components, without which this dream will not be possible. Shower with chromotherapy

Chromotherapy, better known as color therapy,This is a non-drug treatment and prevention of a number of nervous conditions and the effects of stress. Chromotherapy works by direct exposure of color to the biologically active areas of a person. Moreover, each individual color has a strictly defined impact on a particular condition - be it insomnia, neurosis or the most elementary fatigue. Most often this method is used directly in the bathroom bowl, the shower with chromotherapy can be called express technology, which allows for a much shorter time to significantly increase the intensity of exposure. Infrared cabin

Infrared saunas have been active for more than ten yearsAre sold in Europe and the West, while for many of our compatriots they are still a novelty. The main feature of infrared radiation is safety. In infrared waves there are no admixtures of other radiations, in fact, they emit every animal, person and even a stone that has heated up in the sun. These waves are capable of heating the human body, up to 4 cm deep into the warming tissue, bone and muscle. In the process, the blood circulation is improved, metabolism is accelerated, and the work of the immune system is strengthened. Salt lamp

The best salt lamps are made by hand fromHimalayan salt and are able to have a negative impact only on condition of individual intolerance. The main recommendation for use is the prevention of respiratory diseases. Owners of salt lamps also note that their regular use significantly increases the effectiveness of treatment of diseases such as bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis, rhinitis and pharyngitis. Oil burner

Useful properties of aromatherapy for a long time no one hasCause doubts. The most popular technology for applying this technique has been and remains the aroma lamp. The principle of its work is the most elementary, but with a choice of essential oils will have to work hard. Essential oils are selected strictly individually, in accordance with the testimony and personal preferences. The spectrum of aromatherapy affects a number of unrelated diseases, ranging from fatigue and depression and ending with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Spa Pool

A home spa is impossible without full-fledged waterprocedures and hydromassage. Today on the market there are very few offers with a wide range of mini-pools. The most technologically advanced of them are produced by the company. These mini-pools can be installed both indoors and outdoors, the cleaning system eliminates the need to change the water more than once a year, and the replaceable hydromassage jets can have a targeted, adjustable effect.