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The correct way out: 13 things that should be in the hallway


Are you constantly running late and endlessly losing your keys?No problem! We did a little research and found the root of all the problems is wrong organization. But how to competently prepare for going out for any reason, we will now tell you.You should be at the appointed place in five minutes, but you are still running around the rooms in search of keys, a bag, a wallet and children who should have been dressed half an hour ago. Sound familiar? Then our new material is for you! A properly organized hallway is a springboard for a breakthrough into a new day, to a new meeting or event. In order for the accelerating lane to be comfortable enough, you need to foresee a lot of important things in advance. Of course, you have to spend some time, but it will pay off with interest on the very day when you suddenly realize that you are no longer late.

1. Note board

Take with you, make a call, do not forget andTo remind. How much do we need to keep everything in mind and how much do we get with the current standard of living? In order to know exactly the answers to the most important questions, keep your favorite magnetic / cork / chalkboard for records closer to the front door. You can and right on it, it's even more effective.

2. Hooks for keys

Not a shelf, not a box, not a tray, but a hook. The reason here is one - all these items are filled very quickly with anything, but not with keys. The result is regular dancing under all the familiar motive: "if I were the keys, where would I be?".

3. Shelf for phone

But here you can confine yourself to the shelf. After that, it's worth having a good habit of putting the phone there and only after that get dressed and prinked up.

4. Organizer for mail

How often do you go into the house with a pile of advertisingProspectuses, newspapers and envelopes? And where do you put all this? Imagine how much your everyday life would have been easier, if a magical thing "settled" in the hallway, allowing you to sort mail in a matter of seconds.

5. The place for shoes

It's not about the shelving or the cupboard, but about the tiny corner for the shoes that you're going to wear.

6. A place for dirty shoes

A box of pebbles or a rubber mat at the door itself will save you from the next "broken" action. Of course, this is a seasonal thing.

7. Means for the care of shoes

Brush, polishing sponge, shoe polish,Repulsive moisture aerosol and a couple of important things, without which it is simply impossible to leave the house quietly. Keep these things closer to the door, so you do not have to run around the hallway in the street shoes.

8. Hanger for clothes

Not for the whole wardrobe, but only for whatYou go to work, walk with children, walk the dog or run out for a couple of minutes to the store. Why every time to dig into the closet and run to the wardrobe, if a coat, jacket, raincoat and beloved palatine can always be at hand.

9. Means for the care of clothes

And again the brush, rollers, raincoat, umbrella and gloves. Where do I put all this? ...

10. Hook for the bag

Do you often put your bag on your knees? Then putting it on the floor is completely unacceptable! Get a comfortable hook for the bag and forget about dusty prints on clothes forever.

11. Hook for leash

Are you a passionate doggie? Then you already have it. If you are only going to find a best friend in the person of a four-legged, shaggy and wet-eyed, urgently find a convenient place for the leash.

12. The shop

Do you prefer balancing, standing up? Not bad. And what about the children?

13. The Mirror

So, shoes are cleaned up to shine, a bag with everythingNecessary hanging on your shoulder, in the right pocket is the phone, in the hands you hold the keys, and the children, being in businesslike impatience, just about to begin to sweat under the multi-layered, securely fastened clothing. Oh no! A minute ago your dog turned around and licked you in the nose, and even, it seems, the hairdo got lost ... Mirror, here's your savior! Hang it closer to the door and never again run to the wardrobe. Our advice did not seem exhaustive to you and youhunger for more? Check out our collection of ideas, software, and,,,,,,,,, .uk,,,,,,,,, wharfside,,