How to add an interior to an individuality: 10 ideas

What if the atmosphere of the apartment is not somethingEnough? What will help to add home comfort and heart? "Top Ten" tips on how to make the interior more personal About how an ideal interior should be, you can argue endlessly: every architect, designer, decorator has its own rules and guidelines. And only one unequivocally converge all the professionals of this sphere: a good interior should be personalized, reflect the character and hobbies of the owners of the house. If there is a feeling that your apartment "is missing something", use our tips and add an interior to the individuality.

Do not be afraid of the original colors

To make the interior the way you want (andNot such as it "should be"), first of all you need to forget about typical solutions. Who said that the kitchen must necessarily be light? Look at these stunning and leave doubts! After all, you have to live in the interior, which you create - and that means only you set the rules. If your favorite color is pink, boldly make out yours and if you have wanted to have for a long time - act!

If you are afraid that the chosen color will become disillusioned or tired over time, use as bright accents what can be changed without any problems: textiles, accessories, furniture covers.

Use in the decor things with a "story"

Grandmother's jug or grandfather's alarm clock may notOnly perfectly fit into your interior, but also make it more soulful. Do not throw away things related to family history, especially if they are associated with pleasant memories. We found, they will surely inspire you to find an application for your own "history" stuff.

Do not buy a beige sofa

Refuse to purchase any piece of furniture, which you can tell: this is suitable for any interior. Ordinary things will not exactly make your house special. We have found and are willing to share them with you.

Print and post photos

Perhaps, photos are the most inexpensive and simpleWay to make the interior more personalized. Arrange, hang, spread over the apartment photo of the happy moments of your life - and you will see how much more pleasant it will be to return home. We have gathered to make it easier for you to bring a zest to your interior.

Make room for reading

A house is a place in which you live, and not justEat, sleep and check your email. Therefore, in your apartment there must be a corner where you can comfortably sit with a book and a cup of tea. We tell and show,.

Create decor by yourself

Handmade accessories are fashionable and inexpensiveWay to make the interior more individual, add exclusivity to it. If you do not have special talents for needlework, you can choose to implement ideas that do not require special skills. Look, for example, at ours. Even children can cope with it!

Do not choose boring wallpaper

Dull walls with indistinct wallpaper - not the bestOption for personalized interior. Be braver, choose wallpaper, wallpaper with patterns or different kinds of effects. We prepared to make it easier for you to decide. Well, creative natures for sure will have to taste the wallpaper on which you can draw. We tell,.

Find unexpected places to store

Who said that things should certainly be keptin the closet? And if you do not like closets, or is there simply no place in your house for them? Turn on the fantasy, get away from the patterned thinking - and you'll see how many unexpected storage options can be found in your own apartment. For example, we found. Excellent replacement for bookshelves or shoe shelves and roomy storage space for seasonal items.

Update and change the interior

Your tastes and views change, you develop, andLife does not stand still. Therefore, the interior of your house can not remain in the same form forever: do not be afraid to make changes in the usual situation. Recolour, decorate, move, add, remove ... In this you will surely help and.

Let's old things a new life

If you have items that are associated withGood memories, and you would like to preserve them, try to give those who have served their things a new life. For example, you can. Or do. Connect the imagination and try to discern in the old thing a new potential!