How to make a lamp yourself


Almost every person afterFor a certain time, a lot of spoiled (at first glance) materials accumulate: fabrics, lampshades, plastic containers, threads, etc. Very interesting interior elements can be created from all these elements. But how ? Connecting the lamp to the switchConnecting the lamp to the switch.

Some original solutions

There are several ideas, how the fixtures are made. You can make a luminary. Such a designer will consist of:

  • a plastic bottle of 5 liters;
  • disposable spoons;
  • super-glue;
  • knife.

Types of fixtures and the scope of their application. At the plastic bottle, the bottom is cut off and the lid is unscrewed. The resulting figure will serve as the basis for the lamp. Next, the plastic spoons are removed all the legs. With the help of glue, the heads are glued to the bottom edge of the bottle. For better grip, each part is pressed for a while, and then the next one is glued. After the first row, work begins with the second, but only so that the row has an offset, and the spoons are overlapped. At the time of gluing the bottle, it is necessary that the heads of the spoons completely seal the plastic. After the entire structure has been made out, a cartridge is screwed into the top and a low-power bulb is inserted. If you apply a strong lamp, the plastic will quickly melt. How to make a paper lamp? It will be necessary for him:

  • cigarette paper;
  • scissors;
  • Double-sided tape;
  • wire.

With the help of wire, a framework of the futurechandeliers. In order to simplify the task, you can take a balloon or ball. By their diameter, the wire is wound and thus a round shape is created. But only it should be taken into account that if the ball is used as the basis, then it is easily removed by blowing. But if the ball is applied, the frame will consist of the upper and lower parts. </a> The scheme of the fluorescent lamp in the luminaire. Next comes the paperwork. For convenience, the paper is cut into separate curly elements that are attached to the wire base with a double-sided adhesive tape. And the final touch is the fastening of the cartridge and lamp. Since there is business with paper, strong lamps can not be taken, so that the paper does not ignite. How to make a lamp "coffee"? For work you will need materials and tools:

  • light shade;
  • PVA glue;
  • old coffee filters.

This is a very original solution for coffee lovers. The coffee filters are well washed and dried. Further they are fixed with glue to the lampshade. After the glue dries, the light elements are inserted: the cartridge and the lamp. The peculiarity of such a luminaire is that, from heating, old filters start to emit the aroma of coffee. You can make a lamp from a kettle. For the construction we need:

  • teapot;
  • drill.

Before you make a lamp yourselfwith your own hands from a teapot, it is interesting to make a brewer. Especially if you have to work with the old. It can first be dyed or cleaned well. After that, a hole of the appropriate diameter is made in the bottom. For this, a drill is useful. To make the work easier, the nozzle is dampened with water from time to time. Then insert the cartridge and the bulb. Back to contents</a>

Kinds and features of fixtures

Kinds of fixtures for tension ceilings. All of the above options can be used as ceiling chandeliers or mount them to the walls. Then they will serve as a sconce. For the decoration of ceiling models basically just change the standard lampshade to something new. For this purpose, old ceiling lights are painted or pasted with decorative elements. But it is important not to overdo it, because too heavy shade can simply fall. A self-made ceiling chandelier can look like a disco ball. For this, a foil is used, which pastes the old base with pieces. If the rays of the lamp are directed to the same stratoscope, you can achieve the effect of a shimmering sky. This option is perfect for children's rooms. For lamps on the wall, you can choose the option of combining old non-working lamas, or rather their lampshades. Such a wall can be made even from toilet paper, using bushings. If they have retained a solid form, it would be good to paint them first, and then using an adhesive, connecting several tubes together, create an unusual design. The main thing is not to forget to insert a socle and a lamp into it. And with the help of screws such a lamp will be easy to keep on the wall. In this case, if you make several small sconces, then, placing them at different levels, you can create a very interesting lighting of the room. In modern interiors, floor lamps are not so popular. Although they are great for those who like to sit in an armchair or on the couch in the evening and read their favorite book. For such a model, you can use a cardboard package of milk or kefir, polymer clay, floor-lamp. Clay wraps the shape of the package. After it dries, the resulting shape can be painted in any convenient way, after which a plinth with a lamp is inserted from above, wires are made and the floor lamp fixed. And everything, the floor lamp is ready. If you want to have special lighting in your room, you can not only design lamps yourself, but also use multi-colored light bulbs. This will contribute to the play of light. Back to contents</a>

Recommendations on how to make a lamp with your own hands is correct and safe

Diy LED lamp scheme.simple enough. So that such work is done efficiently, and the operation of such a device does not lead to sad consequences, there are a number of points that must be taken into account:

  • If a ceiling light is connected, the place where the wires of the wiring and the wires of the device itself are connected is protected by a special bell cap.
  • Since the lamp will be heated during the lighting process, all surrounding lampshade elements must be safe. And it's even better when using incandescent or fluorescent lamps.
  • If the chandelier has a significant weight, then it is notIn which case you can not hang on the wiring itself. For this purpose special fasteners in the form of a cable or rods are intended. With the help of brackets, the structure is fixed to the ceiling or walls.
  • If there was a need for lighting the bathroomrooms, baths or saunas, it is better to buy special appliances, rather than installing homemade ones. This is due to the fact that these rooms because of their specific purpose have a high level of humidity. In professionally designed devices there is protection from moisture.
  • Without fail, during the assembly of the luminaire and during its installation, all the wires are isolated and hidden. This is done to avoid injuries to residents.
  • Self-made lamps in generalvery useful, because you can realize your creativity, create exclusive elements of the interior. The main thing, if you connect the whole family to this process, it will bring relatives closer. Then it will be something to do in the evenings. In the independent manufacture of a lighting device, there is nothing complicated. To make it even easier, you can, before making a lamp, sketch on paper his sketch. And then everything will be done much easier and faster. If necessary, you can make adjustments.