Apartments up to 45 sq.m.

How to make a small and cozy


Owners of small odnushki know that this task- not an easy one. It seems that you always have to sacrifice beauty, convenience, or something else. But this apartment is that ideal case when everything is there: convenience, comfort, beauty. The history of this apartment can be called unique inside and out without hesitation. The fact is that the future hostess and her friend, designer Galina Yurieva, began to invent her interior even before this apartment was found and bought. Galina helped the hostess find a suitable apartment and, as an option, offered a 33-meter one-room apartment in a house built in 1935. Galina Yurieva, designer Graduate of the Humanitarian and Applied Institute of the Moscow Power Engineering Institute of the Technical University (GPI MPEI TU), Department of Design. Practicing interior designer since 2002. Finalist of the PINWIN 2012 contest Why did you like her so much? High ceiling (3 meters), square kitchen and two windows in the living room. On our very first inspection of the apartment, we chose the main color for decorating the room according to tinting cards - citrus yellow, sunny, so suitable for the character of a successful, energetic, young housewife.

Galina Yuryeva


It was minimal: dismantled the partition between the kitchen and the corridor, combined the bathroom, the doorways to the bathroom, the room was slightly moved and placed on one axis. Thanks to this, a font was installed behind the door in the bathroom, and there was room for cabinets in the room. Also on this axis (opposite each other) are mirrors - with open doors multiple reflections create a sense of infinite space.


The entire interior has been shaped with lemonthe colors of the walls. We picked up a Flowering Tree wallpaper with a large floral pattern, reviewing a whole bunch of very different options. In the tone of the lilac color of the peony petals on the wallpaper, the color of silk Roman curtains and paints for the wide edging of the plinth was selected, and with the tone of stems and leaves of plants and the noble shade of "gray" bronze of metal lamps on the wall, the general color of the textile decoration of the bed was coordinated. A Moroccan leather pouf brought from a trip to France, which both form and color supports the floral theme, fits perfectly into this range. According to the color scheme, the room became very bright, and therefore the kitchen, hallway and bathroom were decided to be made almost white, only visually combining them with the help of color accents. Galina Yurieva, designer: - The multi-colored room is complemented by the white rooms of the kitchen and the corridor - this technique gives the interior of the apartment the necessary change of sensations.


One would like to walk around this apartment as if it were a museum, looking at the unusual decor elements, of which there are a great many. And we will tell you more about them. Living room:

  • sofa bed from IKEA;
  • peony in a round frame - a copy of a flower on wallpaper, embroidered by the mistress;
  • window sills are made of artificial stone ColGran;
  • storage tanks - IKEA, Zara Home;
  • antique silver-plated mirror;
  • IKEA cabinets with Hettich fittings of antique bronze color are decorated with handmade decorative brushes;
  • wall clock - Hermle;
  • dressing table and chair - Modenese Gastone;
  • Curtains from flax Simta and Roman curtains from purple silk Dedar are tailor-made;
  • two identical doors with transoms are made according to sketches of the designer to order in the carpentry workshop;
  • Chandelier Blitz with shades of organza and pendants made of blown glass;
  • textile head of the bed, bedspread, pillowsaccording to the sketches of the designer they were sewn to order from velvet and matting, harmonizing in color with bronze wall lamps Restoration Hardware (copies of lamps used in American weaving mills at the beginning of XX century);
  • candlesticks - Villeroy & Boch.


  • the kitchen kit is made to order according to the designer's sketches, the facades of MDF are covered with matt varnish, the ColGran artificial stone countertop is integrated with the sill, the sink is built into the countertop;
  • Chandelier - Metal Lux;
  • table set Green Garland and cutlery (all - Villeroy & Boch) bought in Germany;
  • The textile panel for notes is made by hand especially for this interior;
  • plastic chairs - Calligaris Alchemia;
  • chairs with high backs - Modenese Gaston.


  • oval mirror in the frame, covered with silver leaf and patina, is made to order;
  • mixer - Manzzaro;
  • electric heated towel rail - Pax;
  • toilet bowl - Water Jewels, VitrA;
  • Sanitary equipment - Manzzaro;
  • cabinet and cabinet under the sink in the bathroom and a table top made of artificial stone are made according to the sketches of the designer.

So what is the very secret of the comfort of the little onesapartments, you ask? Designers working with small spaces have known the answer to this question for a long time. Galina Yurieva, designer: - If we take this apartment as an example, here are the techniques used: large mirrors in the room and a mirror apron in the kitchen. Reflective surfaces allow light to spread throughout the apartment and create an almost infinite space effect. Second. A single floor covering (tiles, boards - it doesn't matter) should be the same, or almost the same color. Third. Light walls (bathroom, kitchen, corridor). It is believed that light walls make the space more spacious. It is difficult to argue with this, you can add: light shades are more reflective (reflect light better). In our climatic conditions, we experience a great deficit of daylight, so an interior with an abundance of light smooth surfaces filled with reflected daylight looks lighter, more airy and spacious. Fourth. Small furniture. And most importantly: do not place too high hopes on a small living space and do not demand too much. It is clear that in our reality not everything is so rosy and the owners of small apartments are not only successful bachelors, but also families of three or more people. In such cases, in addition to communication skills, in addition to communication skills, high discipline is also required from people living in a limited area, the refusal of unnecessary things, since in such conditions it is possible to store and operate only the most necessary and use the area as efficiently as possible. The color scheme of the entire apartment should be the same. However, in different rooms, colors should be used in different proportions. In this apartment in the room there are more saturated shades and accessories / additions of white, and in the second part of the apartment, on the contrary, the bulk is white, and the accessories are colored. They used the same colors as in the room. In the bathroom, this color scheme was broken - there were blue and orange colors there to avoid being too correct. Repair budget - 1.5 million rubles. Photos - Roman Shelomentsev, Galina Yurieva.