With your own hands

A beautiful and comfortable sofa table: a master class


It's nice to drink coffee while sitting on the couch, but that's allit is uncomfortable to hold the cup in your hands. There is an exit! You will learn how to make a practical sofa table with your own hands from our master class. Agree how great it is on a frosty winter day (or evening) to sit on the couch with your favorite book, sipping a fragrant hot drink. But flipping through the pages with a cup in hand is not very convenient. Need a table! Today we will tell you how to make a beautiful and practical sofa table yourself, which will cost you quite inexpensively. Plus, this handy accessory takes up virtually no space. You will need:

  • A wooden board 20 cm wide. The length of the board will depend on the width of the armrest sofa. In our example, the length is 55 centimeters.
  • Circular Saw. If there is not one, ask to saw the board in the building store.
  • Sandpaper.
  • Drawing ruler (flight).
  • Pencil.
  • Paint masking tape.
  • Spray paint is white.
  • Colorless impregnation for wood.

Cut the board into three pieces.To do this, mark three consecutive segments on it (in our example, 20, 25 and 10 centimeters). The cut in the middle should correspond to the width of the sofa armrest plus two board widths. Now you can start cutting. You need to cut at an angle of 45 degrees. In the first cut, the angle should go to the left, and in the second, to the right. Thus, the middle segment will have an oblique edge on two sides, and the rest will have only one side. Carefully work all surfaces of the boards with sandpaper. They should become smooth. Glue the wooden fragments. They should touch the oblique edges so that as a result you get a "lame" letter P. After the glue dries, glue on the frontsurface design of a strip of masking tape. Do it better by preliminary markup. Then paint the intermediate areas with white paint. When the paint is dry, treat the tablecolorless impregnation for wood. Leave to dry again. After the time required for the impregnation to dry, you can use your new miracle table! Put a table on the armrest, put a cup with a fragrant drink on it and feel like Julius Caesar, capable of simultaneously indulging in three activities at once: drinking coffee, reading a book and enjoying life! francoisetmoi.com