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How quickly to transform an antechamber: 15 useful things

We are sure that decorating the hallway isbusiness will take you even less time. However, there is no doubt about the result. Your hallway will become more beautiful and much more functional by the end of the present day. There is one magical place in every house that no one pays attention to, but which, in spite of everything, has a strong influence decisively on all household members. Believe it or not, this is a hallway. A tiny room energizes you before leaving the house and welcomes you with home warmth upon returning. It is here that you agonizingly suspect that you have forgotten something once again and are relieved to find your keys, an umbrella and a shoebrush in their places. Here you gather strength before the new day and, exhaling, throw it off your shoulders. Now ask yourself - how can this place be boring? In our opinion, the answer is obvious, and if for some reason you cannot find a solution to the problem of a gray, faceless and boring hallway, we invite you to shop in our online store. And in order not to get lost, we publish the top of the brightest gizmos for the hallway, without which you cannot do without from now on.

Piggy bank with dividers for coins Сurrency Money Bank

1 640 rubles

In fact, this piggy bank is designed forcollection of financial trophies from travel. But we suggest putting it in the hallway and throwing off all the extra stuff that burdens your pocket. One day there will certainly be a moment when you with gratitude remember the plastic ball filled with small things - it always always ends up in such a bad time.

Shelf for shoes Imelda

2 630 rubles

This shelf has many advantages: First, you can independently set the height of the tier. Secondly, if desired, you can easily connect the two shelves with each other and expose your extensive collection of shoes in the most convenient location for her.

Shelves for shoes Shoe Rack

7 320 rubles

Minimalist option for those who love freedomand clean floors. This shelf can be easily screwed to the wall, arrange for it seven pairs of shoes. Seven is not your number? Mount another shelf. And one more.

Hanger Moose

2 880 rubles

Is your home your fortress? Then without an elk in the hallway is indispensable. Without an artificial copy of it, of course. Just imagine this feeling - you go home and throw your coat lightly to someone ... on the horns.

Shelves for shoes Footprint

875 rubles

We stand for diversity and humor, especially whenit concerns children's shoes. It is not good for young dreamers with juvenile nails to get involved in the dull and gray world of adults. Therefore, a bright shelf for shoes, we recommend to give the younger members of your family.

Subway hanger

2 390 rubles

The metro has become an integral part of your life and notlets go even at home? Do not drive him out of your world. It is better to select a suitable place where it will not only demonstrate to others your commitment to the urban lifestyle, but also maximize its functionality.

Hangers with magnets Birdie

1 380 rubles

Birds 3-in-1 will solve several problems at once. They can be used as the most common hangers, like magnets for keys, rings, key rings, as a holder for letters, postcards, checks and business cards. Convenient, right? And still very beautiful.

Fapper outdoor hanger

15 660 rubles

Simple, minimalistic and very stylishThe vertical clothes hanger will solve the problem of wet coats and heavy raincoats in your hallway. And when the need for drying and hanging the outer clothing will come to naught, you can safely place on the hanger bags, umbrellas and scarves.

Keynote key holder

1 070 rubles

Are you an avid music lover? Then this key holder will certainly settle in your hallway for years to come. And most importantly, any of your guests immediately understand, in whose house he fell. Here is the first topic for conversation.

Wall Clock Cage

5 940 rubles

You have a crazy rhythm of life, and you wantto reflect this in your interior? We will help you. In psychiatric clinics, irritating patients are often hidden in metal cells. And what can be more annoying than the transience of time?

Shelf-organizer Indoors

925 rubles

What do you most often forget when you leave home? The keys? Hygienic lipstick? A trifle? Passport? This shelf organizer will forever solve the problem of constant returns home. Just hang it on the front door.

Shelf-organizer for hallway Subby

2 700 rubles

You do not mind jokes? Then this ergonomic, stern and very stylish shelf is created especially for you! Do not miss the opportunity to ennoble your anteroom!

Organizer for shoes Enfold

3 250 rubles

Shopoholism - your oldest and most beloved ofvices? Then this organizer with a lot of pockets will definitely take root in your hallway. Perfectly suitable for storing shoes, bags, hats, jackets and anything else.

Shelf-Organizer Reaks

5 400 rubles

You are easy on the rise, dreamy and in allmeanings an air man? Then this shelf-hanger-organizer in the form of a cloud will permanently settle in your hallway. And, we are sure, will give a lot of pleasant emotions. And what else does an entrance hall need?

Mirrors decorative Globo

3 600 rubles

Going to work, it is vital to remember,Why are you doing it. And most importantly, keep in mind the idea that at work your life does not end - one day you will inevitably come on leave, and you will have nothing left but to go traveling through the back streets of our vast planet. Well, so that this invigorating thought visited you as often as possible, take a closer look at these decorative mirrors.

Decor for the walls of the Cross Stitch

900 rubles

Upon returning home, we simply mustrelax and stop thinking about work. To make this happen as gently and naturally as possible, we suggest you buy this decor for walls in the form of small crosses. In a set of 40 pieces, just enough to collect the coveted word "house." Still remain.

Mirror Hub

14 760 rubles

Are there hallways without mirrors? We have not met any. For you, we picked up a very special specimen. This mirror is big enough to see everything in it decisively, and at the same time it is quite democratically decorated - it will fit into any interior. Do not thank.

Slip for shoes Slip

2 470 rubles

What can be special in a spoon for shoes? All! This spoon is made of aluminum and has a polished finish. It will not be a shame to put it in the most prominent place. And yet it is very long, even with the boots will not fail.

Support for Door Key

745 rubles

Do you like the sound of hitting a door handle against a wall? He does not like the wall either. Let's save the decoration with cute and bright accessories!

Lamp Lee Broom Clear Crystal

23 290 rubles

About the light, of course, we can not forget! Therefore, here is a "multifaceted" lamp with a very pleasant and quite a universal design. It can safely be transported from the interior to the interior and not lose in consistency.