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How to better illuminate the summer garden: 6 ideas and 5 tips


You are tired of sitting in the evening in the courtyard of your house andLook into the darkness or the lonely lantern? All in your hands! Inspire the ideas of lighting the garden and make your site a wonderful island of light in the pitch darkness of the night. When you go out into the garden in the backyard of your house or dacha in the evening, you may notice a lack of light or its excess. Someone likes this arrangement of things, but many would like to change the existing order and create a balanced lighting on the site, emphasize certain places and add to the space of beauty and grace. The following ideas will help you to be inspired and begin to transform your garden.

1. Track lighting

It is advisable to make track lighting not onlyWith aesthetic, but also from a practical point of view. Lanterns along the entire path, like the lights of the landing strip of the airfield, safely guide you along the paths in the dark. For lighting, you can also use built-in track cover LEDs, giving a magical soft glow near the ground.

2. Step lighting

When lighting stairs, it will be very beneficialSelect each step. Such a decision will not only make the recovery safe, but also become intriguing and tempting, because subconsciously you will want to go further and further to find out what awaits there ahead. Use for lighting can be both LED tapes and tubes, and spotlights.

3. Garlands

There are a huge number of garlands thatCan also be used in garden lighting. It is enough to stretch them between trees or other supports, as your rest area on the terrace and behind the street table will change due to an unusual festive light.

4. Candles

Fans of everything old and mysterious, andAlso lovers of natural light is invited to use soft candle lighting. Candles are placed in groups or individually throughout the garden. If the weather is windy, they are used as insets in lanterns, painting and engraving on the glass which will scatter the light with unique patterns.

5. Illumination of water bodies

During the day, the reservoirs on your site are so beautifulthey look, but with the onset of darkness they turn into a faceless place, which is impossible to discern. Therefore, most often lanterns are placed along the entire border of the water. This is the classic version and it works. Those who like to stand out can be advised to additionally place a lamp in the midst of plants on the very shore, or install a spotlight, the light of which will illuminate the plants and glide over the surface of the water. By illuminating the pond from the inside, you can create the effect of a moonlit path, and floating decorative LED lamps will create a fabulous atmosphere that will be of interest to both children and adults.

6. Lamps with solar batteries

Modern technologies offer another verya promising and elegant lighting option is solar-powered lamps. There are a huge number of such flashlights now, and of various shapes. In addition to saving energy (due to the fact that they are charged during the day from the sun), they are mobile, they can be easily carried from one place to another. While these lights will not be enough to fully illuminate the energy, they will perfectly illuminate trees, paths and other objects in your garden throughout the night.

Tips for organizing garden lighting

  • Do not forget about the necessary safety measures. For installation of decorative lighting devices, it is better to contact a professional.
  • Avoid the overabundance of light in the garden area, so as not to feel any discomfort.
  • Landscape designers advise the use of lamps made of frost-resistant and corrosion-resistant materials, because the lighting should be all-season and durable.
  • It is better that the illumination of trees and tracks be included independently of each other.
  • The lighting system needs to be considered at the initial stage of the landscape project development, otherwise it will have to face additional costs and inconveniences.