How to correctly use bright textiles and wallpaper in the interior

Many customers do not agree on the choice of brightshades of wallpaper or fabrics, preferring calm combinations, discreet tones and light pieces of furniture. The designer tells how to add colors to the interior and not overdo it. Fear of bright colors is a problem known to many. Often, designers even feel that the customer would like to make the interior brighter, but is afraid of color, afraid to make a mistake with a shade, afraid that tomorrow he will get bored with a crimson wall or floral wallpaper ... We turned to designer Victoria Vlasova for advice. Victoria Vlasova, designer-architect: - The reason for this choice is that many clients have no idea how their interior will look and be perceived in a brighter color scheme. However, today the choice of wallpapers, textiles, floor coverings and furniture is very wide, and it is the designer's task to explain and demonstrate interior novelties to the customer. Let's give an example. If the client prefers a classic interior, many designers offer to arrange it in calm beige shades. However, even for such houses there is a wide choice of color palette of wallpapers and fabrics that will give the interior a freshness and a new sound. For example, interesting Delhine Walls and Textures fabrics with a check pattern or stripes in various shades will look great in a classic style interior. The geometric pattern will give the interior dynamics and make it more sunny. In the interior, made in the English style,The combination of gray and yellow or gray and blue shades will be a perfect addition to architectural rigor. For example, in the interior, executed in calm gray-beige tones, you can add bright details: cushions and curtains created from the fabrics of the Folia Checks and Stripes collection. Those who are ready for bold experiments, you canOffer textiles of deeper shades - noble claret or dark turquoise with a small geometric pattern. Curtains in combination with decorative pillows, made, for example, from the fabric of Pasha Fabrics or Tamika Plains, will become a bright color spot that does not overload the interior and gives it a noble personality. Playing with color always borders on the theme of choicetextures and patterns of the materials used. You should not fill the interior with both. If a complex pattern is present in the decoration of most of the interior, it can be repeated only in small details, and not try to fill the entire space of the house with active prints and color. When choosing a bright shade of the walls, you should pay attention to quieter furniture. And by creating interior decoration in laconic colors, furniture upholstery can be made more accent. For interiors in a modern style, working with color is familiar. This is where trendy palettes with geometric patterns come to the rescue. In modern interiors, Piet Hein Eek wallpaper, made in the loft style, looks great and gives the house a bright and extraordinary effect. Colored lamps, armchairs or art objects are perfectly combined with such wallpapers.

Practical advice from Victoria Vlasova

  • Features of the room. Before choosing bright decoration items and furniture, it is worth considering the layout of the space, take into account the location of windows and doorways, the height of the ceilings. It is important to build decorative solutions from the volume. As for the small spaces - if it is a "small and boring room", then dyeing it in a light, expressionless color, you just get just a "small boring inexpressive room" and it will not grow anymore, but adding colors, you can get a small , But already an interesting living space.
  • A color scheme. Before choosing bright colors for the interior, pay attention to their combinations among themselves. Only a person with good taste or an experienced designer's eye will be able to determine how organically these and other materials and colors look organically.
  • The choice of fabrics. A separate global and very important issue. It is the fabric that helps create an enveloping coziness and noble chic in the interior. Fabrics from one or adjacent collections, uniform in style and texture, used in furniture upholstery, wall panels, pillows and windows, make the interior truly authoritative and vivid. When choosing fabrics, it is important to pay attention to their composition, level of wear resistance and a number of other important parameters.
  • Invoices and prints. To create a truly organic and bright interior, it is important to pay attention not only to the color of the material or furniture, but also to its other components. Often, textured products - wallpapers, fabrics, flooring or furniture - can already in themselves become a bright detail in the interior. The same applies to prints. For example, floral prints can be harmoniously combined with geometric, but you need to do it very carefully and under the strict guidance of the interior designer.
  • Care. An important factor in creating a bright interior, which you need to think carefully, is its durability. Agree that the bright fabric, faded in the sun, or sitting upholstery sofa, lost its shape after the first cleaning, will be only a disappointment in the process of creating an original interior image. Therefore, choosing items of furniture and decoration in the interior, pay attention to how to properly care for them, as well as choose the most natural and high-quality materials and furniture.
  • Shine. Often the brightness of the interior is given by the play of light. Modern technologies allow you to create highlights of different scenarios, colors and intensity. In this case, each piece of furniture and interior in its own way behaves under the influence of certain lighting. Therefore, creating an interior, it is important to think it out in a comprehensive manner, taking into account the behavior of each of its details under different scenarios. In conclusion, we should note that the bright color in the interior should not be feared, but it is necessary to work with it as accurately and professionally as possible, and then it will give the interior an exclusive and author's chic.
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