With your own hands

The second life of unnecessary things: furniture from pallets


Pallets, or pallets, it would seem, the most commongarbage. But it is from it that make absolutely amazing, original and original furniture. Examples and tips - here Even from such a throwback material as pallets, you can, it turns out, make stylish furniture. If she does not have a place in the apartment, then at the dacha, she certainly will be the way! This junk material allows you to experiment endlessly with shapes and colors.

What to do?

The simplest thing that can be made from pallets isIt's a coffee table. He does not need any carpentry talents - just take a couple of boxes and put them on each other. If desired, they can be screwed on the legs-wheels to make the table mobile. If you want to make something out of pallets for a summer residence,Consider the option of hanging swings. The design is quite simple, and if you put mats on the swing, it will also be convenient for them to sleep. A kind of budget variant of expensive designer beds-swings.

Where to get the pallets?

In the backyard of large building stores such pallets are often lying like trash. That's where you can buy them for a nominal fee or ask for a gift. Of course, the main charm of this material is that you can do anything with it: paint, plan, saw, apply drawings. Even if something is spoiled - not scary.